I’m committed. Feck.

Today it was August’s memorial service, and the day I found out I have a guaranteed place with Spinal Research for the London Marathon in 2015.  I have to raise at least £1800.  To say I’m shitting it would be an understatement.  I’m not going to pretend I’m a novice runner, I’ve done three half marathons before and have done them in respectable times.  However, this doesn’t mean I enjoy them.  By mile 13 I’m in pain, but worst of all I’m bored.  Running by yourself for that long is boring and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.  It’s good for clearing your head, but not in the seeking an inner zen and solving world poverty kind of way; in an obsessing over boys, a ‘I can’t believe she said that to me in my dream last night that f*(%*^£ b1tch’ kind of way, and more thinking about boys.  Probably shouldn’t put that on the internet…. but only girls read blogs anyway right?  SO moving swiftly on… I’m not a marathon runner, but a can sort of do it a bit runner.  What I do have though is an excellent charity, wonderful motivation and a pair of pink Nikes.

Wish me luck,


Polly xxx




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