Running Resolutions #1

I went for a really really horrible run today.

I’m not going to start marathon-training properly yet as if I did I’d probably 1. burn out, and 2. become so mind-numbingly bored by running that I’d rather spend an hour listening to ‘I whip my hair back and forth’ over and over again than spend it running.

What I plan to do is continue my current running schedule of completing one 8-12 mile run a week.  The aim of this is to keep my hand in the game so to speak, and to actually pay attention to how I feel about running.  I want to figure out everything from what music will make the cut of the marathon playlist, to where the boredom barrier starts to set in, which leggings I don’t have to constantly pull up with one hand whilst trying to continue running and holding a water bottle in the other in some form of lolloping crotch grabbing manoeuvre (not only do builders not wolf whistle if you do this but they actively looking away praying for you and the moment to pass), so when training properly starts I can throw myself into things properly.

With this in mind I learnt a few things today…

1.  I hate running up hill, in the countryside and against the wind.  When I’m not in London I live in Yorkshire, and whilst Cathy and Heathcliff romping around fields may seem like a grand old lark, running roadside is not. It’s scary, windy and strangely exposing in a way that city running isn’t.  It wasn’t until Kesha started yelling Timber around mile five that I could properly relax into the run.

2.  I think I need to drink less.  Whilst I have a generally healthy diet and lifestyle, I am also a massive hypocrite.  If you are what you eat then it’s probably no good spending most of the time as quinoa, kale and avocado to then spend the rest as a glass (bottle) of white wine and pack of camel blues.  Whilst I don’t smoke at home because my parents don’t like it, I do have a fair few glasses of wine most evenings, and this probably correlates to why I never enjoy running around Sheffield that much.   I’m going to try to mentally pre-book which day I’m going to do my run and ensure that I don’t drink the night beforehand.  I should also probably quit smoking.  Damn.

3.  I need to learn to navigate.  I’ve got lost on runs before.  I’ve had to use signs on runs before.  I’ve had to stop and use the map on my phone before.  I’ve never had to use the road signs for A roads to navigate back to the city in which I live before.  Even for me, that was bad.


At least I looked good doing all of this……

Next week I want to rectify these things by:

1. Planning my route and STICKING to it

2. Not drinking the night before a run and not smoking at all

and finally, just generally I may try and avoid running past pubs with packed beer gardens without any makeup, because at mile 12 I do not look a pretty picture.

Not a pretty Polly





One thought on “Running Resolutions #1

  1. Hey Polly! Liking this blog- Im just starting to try and get back into running and am finding it tricky. TOOOOONS= Believe it or not dynomite taio Cruz is surprisingly uplifting, shania twain that don’t impress me much cliche yet classic and bangerang skrillex (good for any power sprints you fancy a crack at- really feel the burn lol). Also a song I have in my iPod as ‘Human slingshot’, but I dont think its the title so Ill find out for you 😊 Reading your jabba has actually been really helpful to me – I hope its okay that I’ve had a nosey. I think everything you’re doing is awesome – keep it up you superstar!

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