The June Playlist

It’s a new month and this means a new running playlist.  From the May playlist I learnt some good lessons. For example, whilst I look back with a certain fondness to the stage in my life where I accepted that alcohol was blue and should be drunk from vessels initially designed to house fish (unless it was mixed with Red Bull which of course meant you were classy, a big spender and all round big dog), I don’t want to listen to the music of that period whilst running EVER.  In fact I can’t think of a time or place where I would want to listen to that sort of music again that isn’t the Algarve or Clapham High Street.

June is a mix of summer tunes, emo throwbacks and a couple of more randomly selected songs to which I’ve really enjoyed pounding the pavements.  I’ve vaguely organised this into a couple of warm up songs to help set your pace, into some sing a-long type songs, finishing with some serious feel good tracks. If you want to listen to the music in the gym, on a run or just because you do then you can do so via the 8tracks website or app.


1. Heart and Soul, Twin Atlantic

This is a really fun upbeat opening song.  I always feel the point of the opening song is to make you run for the 3-4 minutes its playing without really realising it as you should have lots of energy at the beginning, so I never pick my favourite song just one with a good beat that doesn’t make me think about the lyrics too much.

2. Diamonds, Rihanna

3. Where Did The Party Go, Fall Out Boy

For reasons unknown I really seem to like Fall Out Boy and this is a good standard song from them – good chorus, lyrics you can learn without really getting into and a ‘NaNaNaNa’ section.  All songs benefit from a nananana.

4. Come With Me Now, Kongos

5. Changes (Radio Mix), Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau

You’ve been running for 15 minutes now and your fairly certain you’re not happy about this until this song comes on.  This is such a strong summer tune and summer songs make you think of the beach… that place you wear bikinis….keep running fatty… keep running.

6. The Middle, Jimmy Eat World


7. F**kin’ Problems, A$AP Rocky

I really like a bit of Drake and A$AP Rocky so I enjoy running to this, but if that sort of music isn’t for you then you will hate running to a song such as this.  Incidentally, a fondness for naughty female dogs is not a problem, training for a marathon is a problem.

8. Need U (100%), Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E

9. Heartbreak, Gavin DeGraw

10. On Top Of The World, Imagine Dragons

This is such a feel good song it’s impossible to give up and walk because you’d feel like you were missing out.  This is perfect for half way round when enthusiasm is flagging.

11. Domino, Jessie J

See above.  Who doesn’t like to feel sexy and free and with glitter raining on them…

12. The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder)

13. She Looks So Perfect, 5 Seconds of Summer

I love this song, judge away.

14. Do You Think Of Me, Misha B

15. I Will Never Let You Down, Rita Ora

16. Rolling In The Deep, Adele

P.S. For reasons entirely unknown to me on some of the songs such as Diamonds and Rolling in the Deep there are raps over the top of the songs.  Even when I upload them from my iTunes these raps still appear.  I’m baffled as to why…. but…. enjoy anyway!


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