The July Playlist

Exercising is hard.  It’s a fact.  Let’s be honest about this, the best bit of exercise is not striving for your goals, feeling the burn or sweating like a pig to look like a fox. No.  The best bit of exercise is when it is OVER.  The end of a workout is amazing because not only is it the longest possible period of time before the next time you have to exercise, but also because of the radiating smugness that carries you home.  Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.  We all finish our workouts smug in the belief that one’s arse is a fraction smaller than it was before and that spouses everywhere can come out of hiding due to all the endorphins flooding your system.

However. There is the small matter of getting to the stage where you find reasons to pop into numerous coffee shops and supermarkets just so you can show off your exercise-induced halo.  Unfortunately, this stage does require exercise.  BUMMER.

I wanted to make a playlist so happy that I couldn’t help but smile like some demented fusion of Elle Woods and Rik Mayall circa Drop Dead Fred.


There seems to be a real misconception that you have to workout to music that would normally only appeal to you in a dark room having been marinating in jagerbombs for several hours.  Sometimes you just want to listen to music that makes you happy and makes the idea of running another metre/mile even slightly more bearable, rather than music that reminds you of being drunk.  I’ve made an 8tracks for such an occasion that you can listen to on the move if you have the 8tracks app, but I’ve also listed the tracks in case you feel like some inspiration for your next workout.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Polly x

Note.  I know that all sense and logic demand that Happy by Pharrell Williams should be on this playlist.  It isn’t.  I’m controversial like that.  What you going to do about it.


1. Goodness Gracious 3:47 Ellie Goulding

2.Best Day of My Life 3:14 American Authors

3. Dela 4:16 Johnny Clegg & Savuka

4. She’s So Mean 3:51 Matchbox Twenty

5. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye 4:08 Train

6. Wake Me Up 4:10 Avicii

7.How We Do (Party) 4:07 Rita Ora

8.This Is What It Feels Like (feat. Trevor Guthrie) 3:26 Armin van Buuren

9.One Direction Best Song Ever (from “This Is Us”)

10.Taking Over Me 3:10 Lawson

11.In This City 4:06 Iglu & Hartly

12.Walk of Shame 2:42 P!nk

13.Don’t Stop 2:50 5 Seconds of Summer

14.Wasted (feat. Matthew Koma) 3:08 Tiësto

15.Shake It 3:00 Metro Station

16.Sticks ‘n’ Stones 4:01 Jamie T


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