Psycle – Review

Cycling and I got off to a wonderful start. My first bike was pink, but not only was it pink… it had mermaids on it, a Minnie Mouse bell and an extra seat on the back so my doll could go cycling with me. That bike was truly the shit. Sadly, that bike also had stabilisers… when it came to taking those off my relationship with cycling went down a nearly vertical hill. Whilst I eventually conquered riding a bike without stabilisers, though at an age I won’t admit to, I no longer enjoyed the idea of riding a bike. Bikes were the enemy.

Needless to say this has carried on into adulthood with my feelings towards spin classes. I have before now achieved academy award winning performances in pretending to have my resistance on so high that I could barely peddle… whilst gleefully doing no work whatsoever. For me spinning is boring, functional and whilst I can’t deny what a good form of exercise it is, I will go out of my way to find a more enjoyable form of moving – like hitting your head against a brick wall. I think breaking a sweat needs to be enjoyable if you have any chance of keeping it up, and I think this is something that our culture is starting to twig on to as well. Yes we want an exercise to be effective, but now we also want it to multitask, be a social gathering, and an opportunity to indulge yourself rather than punish yourself in a hyper-functional and boring gym. This was what I needed if I was ever going to enjoy riding a bike or spinning.

This is what Psycle is all about. Psycle is a whole body workout on bikes, but that feels like the small print compared to the whole Psycle experience. Psycle is… well… cool. It’s a cool, light and minimalistic space as you enter, with the opportunity to buy Lorna Jane, Stella McCartney for Adidas, HPE fitness clothing, as well as juices and healthy treats by companies such as LoveRaw. The changing rooms are more clean lines and clean towels than a waiting room of dread and sweat. The studio itself is a darkened rave, and all these interior details work to create an almost aspirational atmosphere. This is spinning but not as you know it.
However, you’re there to break a sweat let us not forget, so on to the workout. This is not an easy class, but for £20 a pop it shouldn’t be. Psycle isn’t cheap but it really does have a social element to it, and it could easily replace the cost and time of an after work drink every now and then.

You’re led through the movements, tempos and tracks by an obscenely fit instructor and you really do work hard. I can imagine that it would be an amazingly efficient way to get fit or get fitter depending on your goals, and I would love to include a Psycle class in my training regime, if only for the music.
The music was fantastic and combined with the darkened room it really helped you get into the flow of the workout. I was ready for home time at the end of the 45 minutes, but I’m also definitely keen to go back, which is all you can ask for from an exercise.

Where: 76 Mortimer Street, London

Why: Psycle is perfect for those who want more from their workout than breaking a sweat, or who don’t enjoy basic spinning.

What to wear: This is not an occasion for baggy t-shirts, not only will you sweat horribly but this is also a lot more glamorous than that. Skin tight leggings or capris and a sweat wicking vest are ideal, and due to the neon lights the more light reflective your clothing the more visible you are. If you want to lay low then go for black, if you want to be queen of the disco then light and bright!



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