100 Healthy Days

I’ve decided to do the 100 Healthy Days Challenge! I managed to reach 100 posts on my runningforaugust instagram account and was amazed at how documenting and sharing my experiences has had such a positive effect on my life! So for the next 100 days I want to share something healthy about my life in a conscious effort to work a little harder, make the better choice and be grateful for how lucky I am. This doesn’t mean I’m going to go to the gym everyday for 100 days, or eat clean for 100 days (god forbid), but hopefully just become a little more aware of how encompassing a healthy lifestyle is in mind, body and spirit.

I want to start with a 30 day plank challenge and see what else comes my way over the next 100 days! Has anyone got any suggestions for me, or even want to get involved! It’s all about small changes, being aware of your body and realising and appreciating everything you already do but take for granted!


2 thoughts on “100 Healthy Days

  1. Oh! I’m doing the Plank challenge as well at the moment – tomorrow will be my first 90sec one *scary*, since my core strenght should be massively improved! My dream fitness goals are a) running a 10K in under one hour (this year, my PB is 1:05:25 without too much structured training and b) becoming a certified Les Mills Instructor (preferably in Bodypump or even Bodyattack!)
    There is a Squat challenge as well 🙂
    P.S. Always amazed by your running logs on IG 🙂

    1. Hi!

      So sorry I’m only just getting back to you! I definitely think you can do a 10k in under one hour and improving your core strength will help with that! I also find HIIT training improves my speed, and, as much as I HATE them, burpees help a lot!

      Let me know how Les Mills goes! I love BodyPump so will have to do one of your classes!

      Polly x

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