Marathon Training Week One

First, Happy New Year! I hope everyone is feeling great about 2015 and had a fantastic time saying goodbye to 2014. I just want to say thank you so much to everybody who has already sponsored me! Although I have just under four months until the marathon I have a big goal from Spinal Research and every bit of help towards that means the world to me and is honestly going to a fantastic cause.  Spinal Research do pioneering research into helping those who have suffered  paralysis as the result spinal cord injury.  If you’d like to sponsor me then please go to or text POLL64 £3 to 70070.

I’ve completed a week of Marathon training!  Even though I run and keep fit generally anyway, it’s a big change to have taken away the luxury of what, when and if I do something.  I did my first training run in thick snow in Yorkshire, before heading down for a few seaside runs in Devon and finishing with a long run in London.  I share all of my runs and workouts on my instagram runningforaugust.

This week my training plan dictated the following:

  • 30 minute steady run CHECK
  • 40 minute easy run CHECK
  • 10 minutes easy run, 2 x (5 minutes threshold run, 2 minutes easy run), 10 minutes easy run CHECK
  • 15 minutes easy run, 10 minutes threshold run,  5 minutes easy run, 10 minutes hill run, 15 minutes easy run (confession – I embarrassingly miscounted this as 45 minutes in my head so had to cut down the final 15 minutes to 5) SEMI-CHECK
  • 75 minute long run CHECK

The interval training of the varied runs is going to take some serious getting used to as they present a serious challenge both physically and mentally as they require you to stay on form, push yourself when needed but also hold yourself back.  I normally lose focus when I run whilst I’m listening to music, thinking about whatever is going on in my life and I really struggled to pay attention enough to be able to effectively hit my stride at the required pace.  Thankfully I was training in Salcombe, Devon for this run and the beautiful surroundings really lifted my spirits after the second round of threshold pace.  Incidentally, threshold pace is the pace below your fastest, but still faster than what you would do on a long run.  I had to google it.

I loved the long run of this week.  I took the route from Clapham to Chelsea Embankment to around Battersea Park, up St Johns Hill and Battersea Rise to home again.  I recently read Chrissie Wellington’s autobiography and her infamous trainer Brett Sutton used the expression that some sessions are stars and others are stones, but at the end of the day they’re all rocks and we build on them all.  This run was definitely a star!

If you’re training as well let me know which plan you’re doing and how you’re getting on!

Thanks so much for reading!

Polly x


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