Marathon Training Week Three – The Injured Post


It is now just 14 weeks until the London Marathon and for some reason that seems a lot smaller than 17 weeks!  Once again, thank you so much to anyone who has already sponsored me.  I’m so touched by your generosity and it’s such a source of motivation!  If you’d like to get involved then please visit

In Week Two I didn’t do a long run and had plans for the weekend of Week Three, so I decided to do a 12 mile run on Monday morning.  I was tremendously unlucky and got a painful shin splint on that run which ruled out anymore pavement pounding for the week.  Naturally, this is very upsetting but if you get that familiar niggle then please do the sensible thing and do not try and run it off.  I learnt this lesson years ago, but, to be honest, were I not very committed to the long term goal of a good marathon rather than the short term goal of sticking to a plan by the letter then there’s a good chance I’d have relearnt it last week!

I personally find foam rolling a lifesaver in this situation, and I use mine in the normal way but almost like a rolling pin to get to the root of the problem.  A week later and I am feeling much better and can’t wait to get my trainers on tomorrow.  However, I tried to keep up with my training in other ways! Here’s what I got up to last week:

Monday: 11.5 mile run that ended in shin splinting misery.  And it was in the rain!

Tuesday: Pilates + Spinning.  On the blue moon occasions that I make a pilates class I don’t understand why I don’t go more often.  I attend the classes of an Australian guy called Michael who is honestly awesome – his classes always feel like muscle burning hell so I feel confident I’m getting a good workout.  If you live in London and are worried about Pilates being for grannies then check him out as he teaches in various gyms.

Wednesday: Dynamic Yoga.  I once again really enjoyed yoga, but I had to face my fear of a yoga stereotype that always puts me off for some reason – the chanting omming yogi.  I was very close to giggling at one stage, but then the person behind me did instead and I realised how rude it was – so ommed with gusto from then on.  If you can’t beat them, join them.

Thursday: PT.  I worked out with Laura who adjusted my programme according to my injury. For example instead of jumping onto a 60 Plyo box it was alight jump onto a reebok deck, and instead of a full on burpee I did walking burpees.  It was good to do a difficult workout that felt safe with regards to my legs and there are definitely ways to exercise safely when injured.

Friday: Spinning.  I’m starting to quite enjoy spinning, and, as someone who used to flagrantly cheat throughout spin classes by pedalling with no resistance (even on the slow tracks), that really is saying something!

Saturday: Body Pump.  Doms. Oh my god. The Doms.  If you’re injured like I was then you can adjust the movements accordingly but please be sure to let the instructor know or consult a trainer beforehand.  For example, I lowered my weight and was sure to not take any impact  for the lunge track.

Sunday: Rest day.  Otherwise known as hungover hell!

Hopefully I won’t have to write another injury post within the next 14 weeks!

I found foam rolling, rest and low impact exercise a lifesaver in the last seven days.  How do you guys cope with and prevent injury?


Polly x


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