Chi Coconut Water and This Girl Can


For anyone who didn’t see on my instagram I was featured on the Chi Coconut Water Blog on Friday last week as a healthy instagrammer!

#ThisGirlCan – inspiring women everywhere to be more active

It was such a privilege and I felt so special because it was nominated by instagram users as to who they found inspiring.  I genuinely find the instagram community such a grat source of inspiration for what people have achieved but mainly for their down to earth and positive attitudes!  If you’re thinking of posting healthy living pictures but are feeling nervous my advice would be to go for it, and if you’re friends laugh laugh along too, because mine have been nothing but supportive.

Finally, I think the This Girl Can campaign is awesome! If you haven’t see it check out the video.  I really love it’s celebratory nature and how easily it is to identify and feel empowered by it.  I know some people have said they found it patronising, but I love that they used real women in different shapes and sizes moving their bodies in a way they enjoyed!  I enjoy running and being fit for the way it makes me feel strong both physically and mentally and I feel this is really reflected in the video!


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