Week 4 Marathon Training


First, thanks so much to everyone who has sponsored me so far – it really does mean the world to me and is so motivational when I start to get tired when I’m out on a run or debating leaving the sofa for one! If you’d like to donate some money to a fantastic cause then please visit http://www.justgiving.com/polly-warrack1.

I’ve completed four weeks of marathon training now, and I’m starting to really appreciate the time difficulty of it all.  Whilst I’m fortunate with timing during the week, if I want to run at the weekend then it means I can’t socialise with a drink! I’m really struggling to fit everything in and although I know it’s sensible to stop drinking for a few weeks before a marathon I actually feel that I’d be better able to maximise my time at the moment were I teetotal.  Fitting in long runs and making sure I’m able to run effectively in interval or tempo sessions feels like a series of compromises at the moment.

That being said, I had a great week of training last week in terms of pace and enjoyment.  I joined the running club the Belgrave Harriers in Battersea Park and I really enjoyed it!  I’ve tried out a running club before but it wasn’t hugely successful.  At the Belgrave Harriers I felt welcomed and amongst like-minded people, as well as under the supervision of an experienced, mindful and kind coach, and I’m sad to say that the other club I felt none of these things.  I was made to feel pretty unwelcome to be honest and I’m still not sure of the reasons why.  If you’re interested in joining a running club then I’d try out a few ones and do some research, because whilst running with a club brings definite advantages especially if you’re training for a race, running in a negative environment definitely didn’t help me.  Nobody should be made to feel like they’re being left out by the cool kids at school!

This week for training I did the following:

Monday: Spinning – whilst it can’t replace running I do enjoy spinning as a low impact alternative for an active rest day.

Tuesday: Pilates and the Belgrave Harriers!  At the club we did a warm up and 5 sets of 1000m rep with short recovery in between.  It got very tough towards the end but I find pushing myself in interval or tempo runs a lot easier with other people than by myself!

Wednesday: 40 minute steady run around Clapham Common.  I did 5.9 miles in a time of 41:24 which works out at an average of 7.01 minutes per mile.

Thursday: Hatha Yoga and PT.

My workout this week was tough.  I did 3-5 exercises per body section with tabatas in between! So tough!

Legs:                                          Upper Body:                     Abs:

Weighted Squats x15                Push Ups x12                   Vipr Overhead to crunch x15

Romanian Deadlifts x15           Bent Over Row x12          Vipr Row x 12 each side

Squats to Press x 15                  Push up/Plank row x 12   Vipr Twist crunch x 15

–                                                Tricep Push Ups x 12        Superman x 20 sec

–                                                Hammer Curl x 15                      –

Friday: Long Run.  I ran 13.5 miles in 1:34:33.  Needless to say I was delighted with this time.  I just really enjoyed myself but more importantly I paced myself well.  I have a bad habit of setting off on a run and going like a bat out of hell and feeling fatigued early on.  I took my first mile at a fast but steady pace and was able to maintain that throughout the run.  I did start to fatigue around mile 9 which is where I may need to start employing a nutrition strategy as well as start fighting off mental boredom.

Saturday and Sunday: Rest days.  Saturday was an intended rest day and Sunday I did go for a walk around Hampstead Heath, but I had been celebrating some very good friend’s birthdays the night before and I wanted to be able to relax and have some fun.

Thanks so much for reading!

Polly x



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