Review: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

Whilst baggy leggings and ill fitting tops are annoying to run in and the wrong trainers can cause an injury, the wrong sports bra is catastrophic for a female runners. Shin splints heel, but once you’ve damaged the tissue in your breasts it’s gone for good.  If you workout then you must wear a good sports bra.image Luckily this is something I’ve always been very aware of and have made sure that I have run in a sports bra that supports and fits me properly. However, and this is an embarrassing thing to write on the Internet, they are normally hideous. Sports bra for high impact exercise like running are a world away from the prettycrop tops that make running down a California beach lol so effortless on TV, and totally different to what fitness models on Instagram would have you believe is suitable to work out in. They frequently resemble a cross between a bra and a harness. I have long accepted that hideous sports bra are a necessary evil in my life, and that my harness bra would poke out underneath even the prettiest running top. imageHowever, earlier this month I discovered the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra and have fallen in love with it. What I wear when I’m running is so important because it has to serve a function, sometimes for a number of hours, but I’m a girl who likes clothes and I want to be able to enjoy my workout wardrobe the way I do anything else. A lot of brands provide gorgeous workout wear, but often it is for low impact exercise that can’t withstand the process of putting in the miles for training. For a start it is really supportive! I’ve tried running and a gym workout in it and I felt really confident. I could move naturally and without restriction but with the security of knowing that I wasn’t going to have to readjust myself or feel self conscious – sort of like spending a night out in a pair of heels that never hurt. It also has a softer lining on the inside which provides an extra level of comfort that you really appreciate on longer runs.  It stays put, supports and is surprisingly comfortable – so far, so good! Secondly, the bra does up in two clasps at the back to create a diamond with the straps. This means that the straps don’t have to show through the way a heavy duty sports bra does meaning you can really fit it into your look.  Like I said I find attractive gym clothes a massive confidence boost and motivation to put my trainers on if I’m feeling lacklustre. I may be sweating like a pig but why shouldn’t I feel like a fox too! Finally, even if the straps do show through, they’re pink! There is finally a pretty high impact sports bra for every girl who has ever pined after a Nike Pro but known they needed to be kinder to their girls than that. I couldn’t recommend the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run enough. Every detail has been thought of with anempowered female runner in mind and it really makes for a great investment purchase. For more information and to find out where you can get your own then check out their website –

How about you guys? Are there any bits of kit that you couldn’t live without that I need to try? X


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