Marathon Training Week 5 and some thoughts on Exercise Guilt


There are now just 12 weeks to go until the London Marathon! Thank you so much to anyone who has sponsored me so far – every little bit is the biggest source of motivation to me when I’m running and inspiration to me in day to day life.  I’m so touched by everybody’s kindness. If you sponsor me anonymously or via text then please will you let me know who you are as I’d love to say thank you.

Looking at my training for Week 5 I want to write a little about something that effects pretty much any active person – guilt.  When you’re settled into a routine or feeling committed to a training plan or healthy lifestyle it can be easier to find motivation to get to the gym.  However, that motivation is often compromised by life – working late or simply wanting to spend that time with friends instead.  I personally end up feeling stupidly guilty if I miss a workout, especially now I’m following a training plan.  I think it’s too easy to fall into the mindset whereby missing one workout or one runs means you feel like a failure over the entire plan.  This could not be further from the truth!

Last week I completed precisely none of my scheduled runs according to my training plan.  I was either too busy or I’d already planned a different workout.  Should I do this every week of marathon training? No.  Should I feel guilty about this one week? Definitely not!

I may not have completed the scheduled runs, but I did what I had time for and what I enjoyed and I spent an amazing weekend on a skiing holiday with friends.  Whilst I believe the best results come from a committed mind there’s a lot to be said for a little bit of what you fancy does you good.


Last Week I didn’t do a scheduled run, but I still did three strength/HIIT sessions, a dynamic yoga session and a 5km run.  Writing that out makes feeling guilty over what I didn’t do seem completely ridiculous! If you experience missed workout guilt please never forget to look at a bigger picture!  Count out the positive things you did with your time instead and go back to a normal routine next time, rather than trying to kill yourself in the gym to make up for it.  Exercise should give you endorphins, but not exercising shouldn’t give you anxiety!

I’m going to make an effort this week to not only complete but enjoy my training!

Polly x



5 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 5 and some thoughts on Exercise Guilt

  1. Tell me about it! My mother is forever complaining that I do too much. I am currently trying to rest as I have come down with a bout of tonsillitis (as a result from not taking time out….) and just feel so guilty that I am not working out and that I will just be getting weaker and losing fitness. Patience!

    I am a ski instructor and saw that you’d been away on a ski trip – I hope you had a great time! A change is as good as a rest, too.

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