Review: Missguided Active


It’s weird how when you start getting into exercise, be it running, yoga, weight training or anything, how soon you realise you’re developing an addiction…to exercise maybe, but an addiction to buying gym kit definitely.

My instagram news feed assures me that it is not just me, but my bank statement tells me it has to stop!  Good technical kit can cost a small fortune and it can be hard to find items that do everything you need them to do and look good that don’t cost the earth.

So when an e-newsletter from Missguided arrived a few weeks ago announcing that they had launched a range of gym clothes I was intrigued.  With videos from Russell Bateman of SBC they’ve definitely nailed the branding! I certainly liked the look of the range and at around £14/15 for a pair of leggings you can’t argue with the price point.  However, I wasn’t convinced that anything that cheap could possibly be any good and I wasn’t able to find any online reviews as it was all so new.  I decided to be brave and order a pair of capris and a pair of leggings to test them out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 18.05.20Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 18.05.46

To my very pleasant surprise both have stayed up, without riding up, and have kept their shape throughout dynamic yoga, weight training, tabatas and even a hill session!

IMG_9252 IMG_9342

I’ll always love my Sweaty Betty, but having been cautious about “you pay for what you get” I’ve been completely converted by the range and thought if any of you were umming and ahhing over the quality of the kit you might find it helpful to hear that they are the genuine article!   The one thing I would say is that they can feel a little loose on the legs, but they don’t pretend to be compression in any event and they do stay up no matter how far down you squat or how far back you bend!

Has anyone else tried the Missguided Active range or been tempted to?

Have a good weekend!

Polly x


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