Marathon Training Week Six and Meet the Experts Day


I’m now six weeks into marathon training, a number that seems far more serious than the previous weeks and I’m starting to feel apprehensive about the quality and quantity of my training!  The fact that I’m running a marathon in 11 weeks time is feeling far more real now.

Thank you so much to anybody who has sponsored me so far! I have now reached a third of my fundraising target which is amazing and I’m just so grateful and appreciative to the support that I have received.  Every single donation really does mean the world to me and is going to a fantastic cause.  Spinal Research are a brilliant charity and I shall in fact be a bucket collector for them at Waterloo Station on Saturday the 14th of February! If you’d like to sponsor me then please visit

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I started Week Six training with a slightly guilty conscience of all the not so healthy food and drink I’d had the weekend previously in Austria, so tried my best to get some good workouts in!

This week I trained with the following:

Monday:  On Holiday

Tuesday: 10min ER, 2 x (2min IR, 1min ER, 3min IR, 90sec ER, 4min IR, 2min ER, 5min IR, 2.5min ER), 10min ER

I used a treadmill for this and whilst I far prefer running outside, for short interval runs a treadmill is really useful due to the control you have!

Wednesday: 35 minute tempo run consisting of 15 minutes easy (8:30 minute miles), 15 minutes threshold (7:30 minute miles), 15 minutes steady (8 minute miles)

I hate tempo running! I find it boring and unsatisfactory but it is useful in helping me to learn how to run at a consistent pace and choosing that pace.

Thursday: Strength Training and Tabatas.  This is otherwise known as hell but it is good to supplement running with this sort of workout to keep you strong and fast! I do a circuit per body section with a four minute tabata in between and then try and get through that as many times as possible within an hour.

Friday: Just over 50 minutes of gentle hill work around Brockwell Park.

Saturday: Meet the Experts Day!

Sunday: 10 mile long run.  I wanted to do 12 but my Strava app had a bit of a nightmare and became convinced that I’d run further than I had.  This is why it is important to be able to know in your own mind and body how much effort you are putting in.  I ran for an hour and fifteen minutes at a decent pace for a length that I estimate to be around 10 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 16.55.20

Finally, on Saturday I went to Meet the Experts day by Virgin Money London Marathon and it was really helpful as well as inspiring – the opening video even drew a tear to my eye! A lot of what they said was common sense but it was nevertheless very helpful to be reminded of this when it’s easy to get caught up in little details!

For anyone who wasn’t able to go I took away the following key ideas and facts:

  • Print your name on your t-shirt so that people can support you along the course – nearly every speaker mentioned this
  • Monday morning is the peak time for sponsorship
  • It takes around 40 minutes to get through everything once you have finished
  • There is a tracking app for friends and family to follow your progress – how cool!
  • Katherine Grainger is amazing!

It was so great to be in a room with so many people in the same boat and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did!

On to Week 7 as a recovery week!

Polly x

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