Marathon Training Week 11 and the Vitality North London Half

Hello, I’m typing this totally horizontal as I’m recovering from the North London Half Marathon, which I completed this morning in a time of 1:41:52.  This is a new PB for me and naturally I’m thrilled.  Even more excitingly I was the 43rd woman home out of nearly 1200.  So exciting! Once again thanks so much for all of your generous sponsorship! I’m now 60 per cent of the way there! If you’d like to sponsor me then please visit Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 19.02.45 Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 19.02.29 This was a new half marathon run by the great people at Vitality.  I definitely thought it was well organised, though my last half marathon was the distratous Sheffield Half Marathon 2014 so anything would be well organised in comparison!  I would say that I found the course really quite hilly so it was a challenge in this regard, and it perhaps wouldn’t be a race to enter if you’re chasing a PB.  This aside I would definitely recommend it!  A particularly special moment is the halfway point through Wembley Stadium – I’m not a football fan but even I found it really awe inspiring. I had a really tricky moment at mile 9 when I just became …. tired… my legs felt really heavy and my mind felt even heavier.  I’m really proud of myself for carrying on through this and picking my feet up as it wasn’t easy.  It was definitely helped my sugar stash of jelly babies (I’ve never tried gels…would anybody recommend any?) and the tunes of Miss Taylor Swift! Prior to this I have spent the week finding my training groove and completed a five mile and a seven mile run, as well as a weights session for cross training.  My legs, knees and shins are finally feeling strong again and I’m looking forward to spending the next six weeks with strong legs, a strong mind and hopefully a smile on my face! 6 weeks to go! Thanks so much for all of your support!

Polly x


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