London Health Week 2015 – Launch Party and my favourite LHW promotions

Last week I was lucky enough to go down to the launch party of London Health Week at the Raw Press Co.  The theme was gin and juice, so you could choose your green and have it with a shot of gin for a healthy drink with a naughty twist.

I’m still not drinking any alcohol, something I wrote about a few weeks ago, so I just had pure green juice.  However, I did very much indulge in all the treats that were on offer – sushi, healthy cakes, and I did find myself wandering back for another helping of juice and a big bottle of chocolate mylk!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 09.58.55
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 09.58.31

I’d never been to the Raw Press Co. before, but I shall definitely be going back.  Their juices, mylks and activated charcoal drinks are hands down some of the tastiest I’ve had in London. I was cheeky and saved my SBC Elixir from the party for a pre workout drink before my 6:30am training the next morning!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 09.58.39

The party was a lot of fun and it was so great to chat to some like minded people about running, food and the wellness culture in London.  I was seriously envious to hear one girl chat about how her office do group exercise sessions at lunchtime to revive themselves for the afternoon.

A real highlight for me was meeting Fab Giovanetti of the Health Bloggers Community.  I got a total surprise to turn around to somebody asking me if I was Running for August (a perk of red hair means I am easy to spot!) and it was great chatting with Fab about the online community of support and fun that exists for healthy bloggers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 09.58.47

London Health Week runs until the 26th April and is a celebration of the wellness culture in London.  There is so much available now in the capital that healthy living can easily be a lifestyle without the extreme labels or dedication of being a body builder or someone who only eats lettuce.  It is so easy to make this a lifestyle, or you can simply add in easily availble healthy hacks to fit in your life by swapping a fizzy drink for a green juice, or a chocolate bar for a cacao treat.  There are promotions and discounts for everything from fitness classes, online retailers, juice bars, cafes and restaurants.

There is also an incredible events programme.  I personally find hearing people speak with passion, and engaging in conversation a massive source of inspiration.  Hearing the Hemsley sisters speak at Fare Healthy earlier in the year gave me the massive boost of nutritional knowledge and confidence that I needed to really embrace the change in my eating habits for marathon training.

Wristbands are available from here.

My top three promotions for London Health Week are:

1.Air Food Water Gym

I’ve been a fan of what Jake Warren, the founder of AFWG, has been doing for a while and love their instagram account. Inspired by the 80s gym scene of Muscle Beach, California, along with his home town of Shoreditch, East London, founder Jake Warren set out to create a range of gym wear for girls and guys who pride themselves on living an active lifestyle.

However, much more importantly AFWG have partnered up with drop4drop to give clean drinking water to those in need.

They are offering 20% off to LHW wristband holders

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.14.26


I only recently discovered Ethos and I am obsessed already.  They offer healthy food that is delicious but incredibly varied.  You can build the exact meal you want with nobody to tell you that smashed avocado isn’t an appropriate side dish to every food available (it is always appropriate) and then you pay for the weight of your dish.  I may get slightly carried away here so very excited for the 15% off that they are offering to LHW wristband holders

3.Active in Style

I love the Active in Style website.  I love that they offer high end and hard to find brands but at an accessible price point.  I don’t feel excluded by leggings costing hundreds of pounds, but also feel trust that I am paying for good quality clothing and accessories that feel special and exclusive.  Their selection of clothes is gorgeous, but, crucially, they are also functional for when you put in serious work during a run or workout.  They are clothes for sweating like a pig in as well as feeling like a fox.

I can’t wait to use their 20% discount code!

A week of feeling the virtues of a healthy lifestyle is the perfect precursor to the London Marathon this Sunday – even if I’m existing entirely on pasta!



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