Be:Fit London 2015


I hope that you’ve all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

I’ve spent it catching up with friends, having a few drinks, and getting myself ready for starting a new job!

Something that can often present a problem for lots of people is the ability to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a social one, as often seeing friends is based around going for drinks or a meal. This means that if I can find an opportunity to see a friend doing an activity that is healthy and fun I tend to go for it, so when my friend Lucy text me asking if I was going to Be:Fit my answer was a big yes.

Now in its second year, Be:Fit is a health and fitness expo held at the Business Design Centre, Islington.  It is held across three days and offers the chance to discover lots of brands and products, as well as attend cooking demos, inspirational talks and fitness classes by some of the best studios in London.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 17.41.01

I spent the day wandering around with an increasingly heavy bag as we were handed countless samples in an already well stocked goody bag!  It was great to meet the different exhibitors and hear about their products in more detail, and I ended up treating myself to a new jar of Lucy Bee.  However, Lucy, my friend rather than the coconut oil, was a little more adventurous and invested in a FlipBelt! It’s a Dutch concept and a stretchy tubular belt that promises not to jiggle about or ride up as you run.  I’ve spent the last few months with my keys permanently imprinted in my hand as as result of holding them whilst running, so a FlipBelt is definitely on my wishlist now!

Beyond the fantastic selection of freebies and samples – I seriously didn’t need to eat again that day – I really enjoyed the opportunity to try a class by Frame.  I’ve been aware of Frame for a while and have been stalking them on instagram, really keen to try out their unique vibe of fitness and fun.  However, as they’re based in Shoreditch and I live in Brixton and have been  working in the West End I haven’t found a convenient opportunity.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 17.41.15

I tried Barre with the amazing Ida May.  It was one hell of a workout and so much fun!  I love running and doing strength training, but I often fall into a rut with it and forget to try something new – so I really enjoyed having the opportunity to move my body in a completely different way and to some amazing music.  I shall definitely make the effort to get over to East London in the future!

My favourite finds from Be:Fit are the following:

1. BG Epic Training

I’m a big fan of Bear Grylls, The Island and bootcamp style training, so when we walked past the stand for Bear Grylls Epic Training my attention was definitely caught!

It was great to meet Natalie, their personal training expert, and hear about their evident passion for dynamic and highly functional training. They’re based in Wiltshire but have trainers who work out of London, Bristol, Cardiff and Swindon.

2. Stnky Bags

I love a good gadget or life hack product and Stnky Bags satisfy that whilst serving a serious purpose.  Essentially, a Stnky Bag is a place to put your used gym kit to isolate the sweat smell, and when you’re home you turn the bag inside out and throw it in the wash.

The embarrassing truth is that kit gets… smelly, and if you work out in the morning before work as I do then you carry around smelly kit all day.  Stnky Bags are a really simple and clever solution to this.

3.  Yoogaia are a Finnish company that has now launched in the UK.  I am always really keen to get more into yoga, and often what holds me back is time.  It can be really difficult to make time for exercise, especially for fixed class times.

Yoogaia offer yoga videos so that you can practice at home, and you can also practice live so that the instructor can correct you as you go!  As well as live, real time classes, it has a huge selection of pre-recorded classes covering a whole range of Yoga, Pilates and Barre workouts and meaning you can now train whenever and wherever.

I’m really excited to try this out!

I would definitely recommend going to Be:Fit next year as it’s really exciting to see the wellness culture that is already prevalent in America come over to the UK, and see it be so successful!  Not to mention my haul of goodies that I now get to work through…

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 17.45.38


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