How to Start Running – My Guest Post with Gymbags & Gladrags


One of the questions I always get asked by friends is how to start running, and it must be a question that Cantara of Gymbags and Gladrags gets asked a lot too because she’s put together a blog post full of tips from running bloggers about how to lace up your trainers and get out there.  I first met Cantara and her blog when we were both featured by Chi Coconut Water as healthy instagrammers to watch.

I’m thrilled to have taken part, and I knew that the best tip I could give for learning to run is learning to love running and for me that means running outside.


Like most people I started on a treadmill as I was convinced that without the machine making me keep moving I couldn’t possibly keep running. I felt self conscious about people seeing me run outside and I felt reassured by the glowing red numbers in the treadmill that proved I had done some valid exercise.

However, I started running outside to save time when I was in my last year of my undergraduate degree. I became hooked on it. The feeling of seeing your environment in a new way, and having the ability to explore is an incredible feeling.  The first thing I do when I stay somewhere new is go for a run to get to know the area – and mark my territory!

However I still felt embarrassed by it for some reason, and it took me a while to realise that the only person who cared was me.  It’s not embarrassing to run past people you know or don’t know, it’s empowering!

Finally, if you’re worried that you can’t run the whole way and will have to walk part of it – that’s entirely normal. Everyone starts that way and sometimes I still do it – it doesn’t make it less of a run, it’s just how you’re taking on the world that day.


To read my tip on how to start running and more from some great bloggers then visit Gymbags & Gladrags!

Meanwhile I have lots of exciting things about my own running journey coming up and I’ll soon be sharing more information about how I’m training for the Nike Womens 10k. Watch this space!


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