The Reebok Spartan Race Series

It’s strange how some childhood dislikes seep into adulthood for no reason other than your five year old self had great taste in mortal enemies.  Like how much I dislike jelly and ice cream for example. Or the Monkey Bars.  Especially the Monkey Bars.

I still remember meeting the monkey bars at the adventure playground at home.  My god they put a stop to my fun.  The monkey bars took the blame for my general inability to overcome the obstacle courses that looked like so much fun for everyone else.   Easier to hate them instead.  Stupid monkey bars.

However, whilst jelly and ice cream and I will remain enemies for the rest of time, I have decided to renegotiate the terms of my feud with the monkey bars, and I’m not stopping there.  In fact I intend to tackle and defeat all obstacles that come my way from now on as I have decided to take on the challenge of the Reebok Spartan Race Series.


What’s more I am giving you guys the opportunity to get involved.  I am going to give away a place in a Spartan Race of your choice to one of you, and a discount code to the rest.

Not only will you be running, climbing, and crawling through amazing scenery, with a variety of locations available including South Wales, Manchester, Scotland, Cambridgeshire and more, but you’ll also get to splash through mud, tackle many unique and challenging obstacles, test your overall strength, balance, mental tenacity and endurance, and finish with a fiery leap of victory.

I know this could seem an intimidating prospect, but what’s great about the Reebok Spartan Race Series is the different course lengths that they offer; Sprint , Super and Beast.  This means that there is a course for anyone whether you’re the boss of the bootcamp or dipping your toe in the muddy water of an obstacle race.

Sprint: 3-5 miles, 20-23 obstacles

Super: 8-10 miles, 24-29 obstacles

Beast: 12-14 miles, 30-35 obstacles

If you’d like to enter my competition to win a place in the Spartan Race of your choice then all you have to do is repost this image on instagram or retweet this tweet.  Please do this by the 20th of June and I shall announce the winner after that.  I’m giving away a code that means you can enter any course or location in the UK.  There are upcoming races in Wales, Manchester, Scotland the south of England so there are plenty to choose from.

If you’d like to sign up to a race straight away then visit their site and use the code BLOGGER15 for a 10% discount.

I can’t wait to start training for this challenge and will keep you posted about how I build the endurance and strength necessary to enjoy the race!


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