We Run London – The Nike Women’s 10K

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content… is a quote that can often be found on Instagram on the weekend, and it’s true.  If I start a new week feeling disorganised, overwhelmed or downcast then chances are that will follow me all week and influence the choices I make as a result.  If I start it feeling organised and motivated then I’m hashtagging #humpday and #tgif before I know it.

Therefore you can imagine how a Sunday of running, fizz, great music and the empowering company of 10,000 women has set me up for the week.


On Sunday I completed the Nike Women’s 10k alongside Hannah and Inna.  After weeks of preparation for the big day alongside the girls, JD Sports and the Nike Training Club I felt race ready upon my arrival at Victoria Park, East London.  However, from the moment I set foot on the underground in Clapham that morning I was surrounded by well-positioned pony tails and the official peach-coloured Nike We Run London race shirt.  There’s often a mix of nerves and excitement whilst people approach a race and this is always tangible in the air – but if anyone felt nervous about the race I couldn’t sense it.  Everyone seemed excited and ready to go, and with the DJ playing and atmospheric rave village, where I excitingly saw my selfie on the big scree, I almost forgot we were there to run.



However, we were soon being called to the colour coded starting pens and I made my way off to the Purple zone.  After a quick boost of motivation from Ellie Goulding who was unfortunately too ill to run – a real shame as I was looking forward to running alongside such an inspiring woman –  and a warm up from Sonja Moses and the Equinox team we were off.

FullSizeRender (1)

The course was two laps of Victoria Park, and there were signs, spectators and cheers the entire way round.  It was a warm day and by the second lap I was breaking a serious sweat.  I really pushed myself throughout and, spurred on by the hard work and good vibes of the 10,000 women I was running with, was really pleased to finish in 46 minutes and 26 seconds.


I sometimes find that it can be hard to strike a balance with feeling competitive and having fun when it comes to running.  Running the London Marathon was an experience like no other, but in order to keep up with the pace I had worked so hard for it meant I had to get down to business and run.

This means that my favourite thing about We Run London was the attitude behind the whole event.  10,000 women were there with the drive to succeed without the bitter edge of rivalry that can so often taint sports or running with companions.    That is not to say that anybody took it easy on the day. Everyone was there to run hard and show what they were made of, but without success being defined by time. The feeling of success came from the sweat and grind you were putting in and the knowledge that you were in a group of powerful women. The overwhelming feeling was one of real empowerment.


There were also some serious goodies for taking part.  Each finisher received a specially designed necklace as an alternative to a medal.  Whilst I love putting a medal in the collection it was a really nice touch and a reminder that this wasn’t just any old race.  A goody bag stuffed with BirchBox, Vita Coco, Pip & Nut, Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn was balanced in one arm whilst a complimentary and well-earned glass of Freixenet sparkling wine propped up the other.  With a fantastic mix of bubbles and endorphins it was great to catch up with some other bloggers in the race village.  It was particularly great to run into Taimar, Nicola, Fab and instagrammer Laurie.

I really enjoyed We Run London and can’t wait to sign up my own crew next year.  It was the perfect reminder that good things come with hard work, and that hard work doesn’t have to be dull.  I ran London and I definitely felt #BetterForIt.


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