Vitality British 10k London Run

The idea of running through London along the Monopoly board famous streets is a really appealing idea to the average runner or Londoner; pounding the pavements as red buses pass you by, window shopping as you go down Regent Street, feeling the breeze of the Thames as you pass down the Embankment and finish at Westminster.


However, the reality of trying to run in the centre of the Capital is slightly different.  In fact, it is very different indeed.  It is a bad-wording ordeal.  The reality is a stop start nightmare as you weave around pedestrians, ruin tourist photos by running in front of them, and just as you’re hitting your stride you hit a set of traffic lights instead.

Therefore, when Vitality got in touch with me to ask me if I’d like to run the Vitality British 10k London Run the answer was a big yes.  Not to mention I got to be reunited with one of my favourite fit girls, the lovely Inna!

Starting in Piccadilly and taking you up Regent Street, along Trafalgar Square and finishing by Downing Street; the Vitality British 10k London Run is a great way to be a tourist in your own city.  Although the course was slightly hillier than I expected it to be and I found it frustrating to double back on yourself rather than keep the psychological momentum of moving forwards, that was simply the nature of finding 10 km to run in in the iconic setting of Central London.

I was really happy to come in at 46:32, because although it was not a PB it was really great to be reminded that that’s not what a run has to be about. Running in the centre of London without the constant battle against traffic and pedestrians appeals to me massively as I genuinely love to use running as a method of exploring as you can familiarise yourself with the new and completely rediscover the old; conquering your terrain like that regardless of where it is gives me a massive buzz.  This is running as power rather than a PB.

This is why I think the Vitality Run Series is such a great thing to be a part of, as they offer races across the country and of different lengths. They invite you to make the race your own.  On Sunday I ran to explore my city, but when I ran the North London Half Marathon by Vitality in March I was running to build confidence for the marathon and I was running for a PB.  The result from both was a very empowered Polly!


If you’re looking to conquer a new city or a new PB, or want to sign up for your first race then I really recommend the Vitality Run Series.  They offer a great level of infrastructure and support on the day through their clear course markers, chip timing and secure bag drop, and ahead of time provide you with resources about training and the race.  And, whilst it shouldn’t matter…their medals are always pretty great too!


If you want to set yourself a new goal then their upcoming races include the West Run 10k, Oxford Half Marathon, Brighton Half Marathon, Bath Half, Liverpool Half Marathon, Reading Half Marathon, Run Hackney and the North London Half Marathon.

Vitality, the health and life insurance that rewards people for being healthy, is the title sponsor of the Vitality British 10k London Run and is one of nine events in the Vitality Run Series


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