Wahoo Fitness – The TICKRX Workout Tracker and 7 Minute Workout App

I’m ever so slightly addicted to my iPhone.  Whether it’s sharing images on Instagram, chatting on Whatsapp, scrolling through Twitter, playing on Temple Run, reading an iBook or just listening to music, my phone is an important part in how I communicate, relax and enjoy myself.

This is no less true when it comes to my fitness; I have workouts saved as pdfs, my workout playlists ready to go, and a world of inspiration from the Instagram community. Therefore when Wahoo Fitness, leaders in workout apps and smartphone connected devices, got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to trial their TICKRX workout tracker and 7 Minute Workout app the answer was a big yes. So, on a sunny Thursday I joined Becs, Flora and Jen for a run around Regents Park and the 7 minute workout designed by Wahoo Fitness, all with the use of the TICKRX workout tracker.


The TICKRX workout tracker uses heart rate to measure intensity and to optimize your training, plus it uses motion analytics to count reps in the 7 Minute Workout App, track your indoor cycling cadence in a spin class, and provide you with running data to help make you a better runner.


I have found myself using my TICKRX on nearly every workout I do now as it gives a really useful indication of effort and calorie burn.  This means I can understand the difference in impact of something like weight training as opposed to something like HIIT or a Kayla Itsines workout, and even then the differences within those workouts.  This means I can really understand how my body reacts to an exercise, the level of effort I should be putting in and how that feels so I can be consistent and know when to push myself or pull back.  The above example was from a Kayla Itsines workout where I put in a consistent amount of intense effort throughout each 7 minute circuit (Week 5 Legs & Cardio).

FullSizeRender (2)

My TICKRX is now as much of an essential for me in a workout as my headphones, and it’s incredibly easy to use.  You simply connect it to the Wahoo Fitness Official app  the first time you use it, snap it on at the beginning of your workout and, and when your done you go to the app and end your workout.  It has a built in memory and it connects remotely so there is no need to plug anything in, and it can be used in any workout.

I couldn’t recommend it much more and it is available for purchase from Wahoo, Amazon, Wiggle and the Apple Store

Now, on to the app!

The 7 Minute Workout is a science based, high-intensity, interval workout with 12 bodyweight exercise for a power packed workout in a short amount of time. When combined with the TICKRX, it will automatically count your reps, so for every squat, lunge and ab crunch you do, the TICKRX will be counting so you don’t have to.

However, if you don’t have the TICKRX workout tracker and just want to download the free app then you can still do so but without the data surrounding your workout.

The 7 Minute Workout app is great because it is just so easy to use.  You simply press play and it gives you directions on when to stop and start each move, with videos and guides available if you’re not sure about how to perform an exercise.  What is more you can literally do it anywhere and in a group of people.  The girls and I completed it in the park using benches and trees as our equipment.  It felt really effective and because it’s so efficient you can really easily fit it into your morning routine, post-run or just if that’s all you have time for that day.  I even found myself using it whilst on holiday to shake off the sangria!  It’s available to download for iPhone here.

The basic app comes with the 7 Minute Workout but you can buy in extra workouts and the ability to design your own.  It’s a really easy way to make fitness accessible, sociable and fun, and perfect if you want to give your fitness regime a heart-raising boost.



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