Cyndi Lauper was definitely onto something when she sung that girls just want to have fun.  The problem is that what makes a fun time is not always the best choice for you, but a lot of healthy options lack the fun factor.  I’ve written before about where alcohol sits on this tricky question, and the importance of finding the balance that works really well for you.  However, I’ve found a bit of a game changer that makes finding a balance between healthy and naughty a lot easier.  Meet Lovo.


Lovo combines premium vodka with sparkling coconut water.  In a (coco)nut shell – it tastes delicious.  I first tried Lovo on a sunny evening at Taste of London and fell in love with its summery but not too sweet fizzy taste.  It was really great to enjoy a nearly-the-weekend drink in the sun with one of my best friends that I knew didn’t mess up the hard work I put in at the gym that morning.


I told them how much I loved it and they very kindly did a much needed weekend drop off recently so my flatmate and I could enjoy a little fizzy fun whilst we got into the party spirit for a birthday.


Lovo was the brainwave of Harriet and Jess (below) who were tired of the ‘either/or’ way of life.  We all know that healthy food and treats can be delicious and taste just as good if not better than the original.  Anyone who follows the likes of Frame, Russell SBC and Chessie King on Instagram can see for themselves that breaking a sweat can be a fun way to move your body rather than a punishing regime.  However, I don’t feel like this has really crossed over to drinking yet as it can be really hard to find a drink to enjoy that is as healthy as you want it to be without being boring.  I love lime and soda but there’s only so much you can drink!


Lovo really meets the demand for a drink that feels decadent and fun, without being filled with rubbish and calories.  It is perfect for anyone who knows that a good Saturday can mean a morning workout, brunching catuch up and a party, not having to make a choice.  It is important to make healthy choices because you love your body, but you have to love the lifestyle that supports these choices too.

It’s currently available at 31Dover.com and is soon to be rolled out at Harvey Nichols nationwide.


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