I’m a sucker for a good freebie, rewards card or points system – I’ve actually switched where I shop before because of it.  It’ll come as no surprise then that when I was introduced to Earthmiles a few weeks ago I fell in love with it.

What is it?
Earthmiles is a new app concept that syncs with your funning and fitness apps to give you points for how much you move – it even works with the health kit on your iPhone to measure how much you walk.  So if you’re not a fan of pounding the pavements or cycling you can still get cheeky rewards just for the walking you do on your daily commute.FullSizeRender How does it work?

Simply link your Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, Nike +, Health Kit accounts amongst others to Earthmiles and automatically start racking up earthmiles every time you record an activity.

You can then redeem your earthmiles against a whole host of discounts, offers and experiences, including  brands like Chi Coconut Water, Every Second Counts, Pip & Nut or Rebel Mylk, and studios like Edge Cycle in Holborn.  I love the concept because it rewards me for things I do anyway – I tend to earn around 7 to 10 a day just from walking to and from the tube for work, and it provides a really positive incentive to make the choice between walking and catching a bus, or going for a run when you really don’t feel like it.


What’s great about it?

It’s great because it gives you an opportunity to treat yourself guilt free or try a new product or class that you’ve been curious about,  or just to lighten the cost of your healthy grocery shopping – I’m eyeing up placing an order with The Raw Chocolate Company currently.

My favourite thing about the app is that it provides a positive incentive to move a bit more and to appreciate what you already do – if you’ve had a bad day and feel inadequate because you’ve not done everything you wanted to it makes you aware of and take value in the amount of movement that you do without realising and take for granted.  Whilst the accountability of a calorie counting or tracking app works for some people, I personally find it encourages a negative or obsessive mind set in me – so rather than giving attention to the negative, I love that Earthmiles brings into quantifiable reality what you might not necessarily always appreciate.  So often it feels like without the recognition of a medal or gazillion likes on Instagram that your hard work and daily commitment goes under the radar, but Earthmiles just gives you that little pat on the back and encouragement to keep going.

Finally, it’s great because it’s free! I own a Garmin for all of my running and my Wahoo TICKRX but other than that I’m tech-free for the simple reason of I can’t really afford to buy a wearable, much as I love the idea of them.

Earthmiles is great because it’s free and accessible to anyone with a smartphone, available on Apple and Android.  If you’d like to download the app then you can find it here.


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