The New Niggle: How to press refresh on your motivation when being healthy gets boring..

We all know the rewards of a healthy life, and how good you can feel after a long day of waking up with hot water and lemon before moving on to green juice, a raw brownie for when that 4pm slump hits, an after work session at the gym, and saying no to a large glass of wine and yes to a soda water with plenty of fresh lime.

However, whilst your health apps may tell you you’re a goddess, you actually feel less than divine.  In fact, you feel a bit bored…

Why should you go and break a sweat after work when none of your colleagues are rushing to make a class, they’re off having fun instead.  As are all of your friends.  Lots of fun.  With cake and wine and a burning effigy of Gwyneth Paltrow. F*** it.  You’re off to have fun too, and since you’ve been so good you’ve earned being really really bad now.


However, the problem with this is that a few days in you feel awful, tired, probably hungover and like you have wasted all of your hard work and sold yourself a bit short.  So you return to the cleansing juices and the exercise regime until boredom inevitably strikes again.

If you don’t have structured goals or a good balance of work and play then having a healthy halo can really lose its sparkle and shine.  If you feel like you’re missing out or not getting anywhere then it’s really hard to keep your motivation up, especially if you don’t understand why you’re doing something, only that some celebrity does it and you should too.  Here are the three questions you should ask yourself to make sure your healthy lifestyle is one that suits you and keeps you feeling motivated.

Am I having fun?

A negative cycle of changing resolutions happens when healthy living is seen as a chore or an ‘add on’ to normal living rather than a way of living in itself.  This means you need to adapt your healthy living ideals into what you already know and take small steps from there.

If you don’t really like running then going on a health kick with the aim of running a marathon is never going to work because you won’t enjoy it.  Just because your instagram feeds loves yoga doesn’t mean you should too, so find out what you find fun.  Equally if you know you have a sweet tooth then don’t give up sweet things entirely but replace them with a healthy option. I wrote a few weeks ago about Lovo – it’s a great example of how you can be healthy and keep the fun factor.


Am I proud of what I’m doing?

Don’t keep being healthy separate from how you show yourself to the world as it prevents in becoming a natural and integrated part of your life, especially if you feel that it can be seen as embarrassing.

I’m a big fan of social media so it’s no surprise that I have an Instagram especially for my blog.  However, I also share personal images on it too and generally chat about my life.  This means that my healthy choices are an integrated part of my life and thus my lifestyle.   I’m not saying you have to post a #healthyselfie everyday or have a separate account, but take pride in what you’re doing and share it with your friends! It will keep you motivated and these rituals soon become habits.

Am I being overly dramatic?  

Cake and green juice may be opposite, but they are not sworn enemies.  Just because you slipped up and had a few drinks and a pizza on a night out doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off the wagon entirely.  However, people often push themselves off at the first mistake.  If you feel like you’ve messed up then take a step back and look at the bigger picture, remembering all the good things you’ve done and that you plan to do.  It’s a lifestyle and you can’t be perfect all the time.

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