My Run on the MyRun – Getting Sweaty with TechnoGym

Whilst training to run a certain distance means putting in a lot of time and effort to teach your legs, core and mind to not stop running after an hour or two or three or four or you get the idea, that is not all there is to marathon training.  One of the best ways to improve speed is through interval trainings and tempo runs.

However, even though they’re shorter I find they take a lot more discipline and effort as you don’t hit your stride and you have to constantly push yourself – something I don’t experience until the later stages of a more steady run.  However, they’re necessary to getting faster and training.


So I was pretty excited when TechnoGym asked me to come and have a go at playing at their new home treadmill the MyRun. Whilst I don’t normally hit the treadmill for a run, preferring to pound the pavements of London instead, I was intrigued to see if it could provide a way to conveniently train intervals without inducing my hatred of stop/start running that has previously caused me to throw a full on wobbly around Clapham Common.

I was forced to eat my treadmill-dissing words.  For a start it’s far lighter and less noisy than the average treadmill I’ve used, meaning my stride felt just that bit more natural.  This is really important to me as to do the amount of running that I do I have to be able to enjoy it.  I was convinced running on a treadmill would be boring, noisy and unsatisfying, but I really enjoyed breaking a sweat on the MyRun.


Essentially, it integrates a treadmill and an app that syncs to your tablet, comes with personalised training programmes,instant running feedback and even an on demand PT!  This means that the MyRun is a smart treadmill that takes the hassle out of pressing buttons and choosing speeds that don’t really mean anything until you’re running, and matches the style of running outside far more.  If running outside is like talking to a friend in person, great but inconvenient and not always an option, and running on a regular treadmill is like using a nokia brick phone, then the MyRun is definitely an all bells and whistles smartphone.  It offers so many options and so much knowledge is programmed into it that it really did blow away my expectations of what a treadmill can do.

One feature I could really see myself using was the MyRun syncing your music selection to match the beats per minute to your speed.  I love running to music and nothing is worse than having to break your stride because your music is on sync and you go from running the world with Beyonce to weeping with John Legend.

Something I really took away from my session on the MyRun was the measurement it shows for cadence and displacement.  My displacement in particular was really surprising – seeing how much energy I waste with an inefficient stride was really shocking and having that constant feedback showed how difficult that is to control.  That knowledge is something that would definitely benefit anyone who is trying to improve their speed over a certain distance.


MyRun is a home treadmill but I’m definitely going to try and incorporate its metrics into my future training, making sure I’m conscientious to consider my cadence and displacement as well as distance and time.

Thank you so much to TechnoGym for inviting me down to play on the MyRun.



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