A Week in my Trainers

One of the easiest ways to lose motivation to do exercise is to always do the same things and fall into a rut.  This means I often adapt my circuits to include new moves or forgotten favourites, but one of the biggest refreshers is to do something entirely new.  I love to try new ways of moving and I want to make an effort to do it more, and after how much I enjoyed bouldering last week I decided to try something entirely new and go to a boxing gym.  In one session I have been totally converted and can’t wait to make this a regular way of working out.

I find trying new things can be a bit nerve wracking, especially if it’s in a class scenario in case I somehow embarrass myself, but I always find it is so worth it.  I’m going to write more about boxing at Miguel’s Boxing Gym further down, but the lesson I have definitely taken from the past week is if you feel like you want to try something new then go for it!

Monday – Rest Day

I often take Monday as a rest day, partly as a habit from training where I did long runs on a Sunday, but if I didn’t do any specific exercise I was definitely grateful for the work I’ve done on my upper body strength when I had to carry home the world’s biggest box of food from Muscle Food.  They have very kindly sent me a whole host of products to try which I am loving.  I shall write more about Muscle Food and all the recipes I’ve been making with their products over the next few week.

Tuesday – Circuits (Average HR: 133, Max HR: 175)

I warmed up by running to the gym and then got fully into my circuits with Sheehan, my trainer.  If you want to increase fitness, reduce body fat and build strength then give this a whirl.
FullSizeRender (3)

Warm Up:

+5% incline walk (6.0 km/h) (5 mins)

Back Warm Up:

+Straight Arm-Lat Pull Down (15, 17, 17.5 kg) (10, 8, 8 reps)
+Bent Over Low Row Cable Machine (20, 22, 25kg) (10, 8, 8 reps)

Circuit Training #1:
+ Tyre Roll (10 flips) (x3)
+ Shuffle Jumps (12,12,15) (x3)
+ Leg Raises over VIPR (6,7,8) (x3)
Circuit Training #2:

+ 15 Space Jumps followed by 30 seconds of boxing x 3
+ 10 Space Jumps followed by 4 boxing hits between each jump
+ 10 Space Jumps followed by 6 boxing hits between each jump

Circuit Training #3:
+TRX One-Leg Lunges (6 each side) (x3)
+ Swiss Ball Crunches with push-up (8 x3)
+Wall Sits (40, 35, 30 secs)
Medicine Ball Slams (4kg & 5 kg) (10×3)
Planks with Medicine Ball Rolls (1 min each)

Wednesday – Run to Work (44 minutes, 5.6 miles, Avg pace 7:51)

A moderately paced run to work, mainly to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve had in London this week!  I never run my fastest in the morning as I run fasted on a week day morning, but it’s such a refreshing start to the day! Just make sure you have a delicious breakfast ready to refuel after.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.24.44

Thursday – Boxing (Avg HR: 135, Max HR: 170)

I went to a women’s only beginner boxing class at Miguel’s Boxing Gym in Brixton, and, in a nutshell, it was fantastic.  The gym is a world away from the glossy studios that are springing up all over London.  It is sweaty and it means business.  But what a workout.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.24.29

We were taken through the different moves such as jabs, hooks and body punches and then we were gloved up and got to work on the bags.  Not only was it tough but it felt great to just listen to the instructions and zone out from the world a bit.  After the bag work we got down to the mats to do some circuit training.  Again, this was incredibly tough and with an endorphin rush to match but at 10 pounds for the class you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.  I can see myself going to this class over and over again.

FullSizeRender (4)

Friday – Run to Work (42:57 minutes, 5.51 miles, 7:47 avg pace)

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.24.17

Saturday – Afternoon Run (21:38 minutes, 2.89 miles, Avg pace 7.29, Avg HR: 151, Max HR: 173)

I was feeling the effects of a little too much red wine on Friday night so wanted to shake off the cobwebs with a quick run.  It is tough going out for a run when you’re ‘tired’ but a quick run really sorts me out and makes me feel far more enthused if I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 17.23.52

Sunday – 7 Minute Workout x 2 (Avg HR: 143, Max HR: 165)

I was going to take Sunday off but I was feeling a bit sluggish and decided a quick workout would make me feel better.

I did Heart Rate Hell, alternating skipping and mountain climbers, followed by the most recent workout I designed using the Wahoo 7 minute workout app.

I’ve written about it before but this app is a really convenient and accessible way to get your heart rate up and get some fitness into your day if you’re feeling pushed for time or can’t make it to the gym,


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