A Week in My Trainers

This has been the most atypical week of training for me ever.  I’m normally somewhat routine in the fact that I run, I do circuits at the gym and then I run some more.  However, this week routine went totally out of the window due to injury, a very exciting invitation, and a little bit of Beyonce.

Monday – Running home from work… or attempting to

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 21.14.01

I’m like a child in the sense that my favourite ways to exercise is to quite literally just run and jump around, as running and plyometric training tick all the boxes for me in terms of physical and mental benefits, but unfortunately if you overdo things then because they’re relatively high impact you can become injured.  I’ve been going pretty hard recently as I’ve been busy in my professional life and I find exercise a great stress reliever.  However, my hip doesn’t think so, and running home from work on Monday I couldn’t limp on beyond 4 miles.  The working prognosis is Femoroacetabular impingement, and I’m trying to not put too much pressure on it through high impact exercise.

To help me do this I decided to go tech free for a week so I can focus on how my body feels rather than feel concerned with the numbers and performance.  If you think you’re over doing things then I would really recommend taking time off from either working out or take the pressure off by forgetting the tech.

Tuesday – Upper Body Strength with Sheehan

Due to my hip injury lower body was out for my PT session with Sheehan.  Instead we focussed on upper body movements to try and build a bit of strength in my core, back and arms.  If you want to struggle lifting a pen for two days then give this a go:

Chest Fly’s Cable Machine:

+ 3.5 kg each, 10 reps (5 sets) (45 seconds rest between)

Chest Fly Cable Machine 60 at 70 degrees bent over:

+5 kg each, 8 reps (3 sets) (45 seconds rest between)

Bench Press with Resistant Cables:

+ (Bar Alone 20kg) 10 reps, 3 sets. (35 seconds rest)

+ (Additional 5 kg each) 8 reps, 2 sets)

Straight Arm Lat Pull Down:

+ 15 kg/ 17.5 kg  (10 reps, 3 sets)


+Buso Ball w/5kg crunches(10 reps, 3 sets)

+Buso Ball w/cable machine sit ups (20 reps, 3.5 kg, 3 sets)

+ Vipr Leg Rasies on Smith Machine (10 leg raises, 3 sets)


+ 4 hits, duck, 2 hits combo (10 times)

+ 10 to one boxing jabs

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Reshape at 1Rebel for the launch of The 1MPACT Club

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 21.13.14

I was tremendously excited to be invited to the launch party of The 1MPACT Club, which was held at 1Rebel’s new gym at Broadgate Circle.  1Rebel is known for its killer workouts, chilled towels and even cooler atmosphere.  The workout didn’t disappoint and I loved the combination of treadmill work with weighted floorwork (my hip didn’t love the treadmill quite so much…).

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 21.13.32

Myself and 149 other bloggers, fitsters and wellness professionals were not only treated to a gruelling workout, but a totally immersive experience to bring to life the vibe of 1MPACT.  Pimps and Pinups were on hand to braid hair into plaits that Pippi Longstocking would have envied, food came from Chop’d and Propercorn among many other treats, and drinks came from LovoBlk as well as fabulous cocktails from Belvedere.  Pip & Nut and Neat Nutrition were on hand to talk protein and healthy eating, and Gym Luxe’s range of workout clothes were showcased.  The whole evening felt incredibly cool, and was superbly organised by the wonderful Louise of Lu de Lux.  Although I was surrounded by some pretty incredible bodies, what struck me was the sheer level of passion in the room.  Everyone there was dedicated to healthy living, but also to working hard to get what you want.  This part of the fitness industry is something I really love, empowering people through work and movement rather than focusing on comparison and deprivation.

If you haven’t joined the 1Rebel alliance yet then check them out.

Friday – Rest Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 21.12.56

Saturday – Beyonce Workshop, Frame

As comfortable as I feel in running shoes and talking routes, destination marathons and PBs is how uncomfortable I feel in a dance studio.  I love to have a boogie on a night out and I really enjoy it, but I’m no Pussy Cat Doll in the making.  I quite simply have two left feet.

However, my good friend Orla has so much style and sass on the dance floor that when I saw the new Frame studio at Kings Cross was holding a Beyonce workshop it seemed the perfect birthday gift.

For two hours Cassius Powell put us through our paces, warming us up with some Crazy in Love strutting, before teaching us some routines to Who Runs the World (Girls) and Single Ladies.  I entered with two left feet and I left with about five, but I loved it.  Not only did I break a serious sweat and experience such an endorphin rush as a result, I decided to just try my best and if I couldn’t get the choreography, freestyle and move anyway.  I may not be Queen Bee, but I can hair flip with the best.

Whether you’re queen of the dance floor or a bit more like me, I promise you will enjoy Cassius’s style of teaching.  Whilst his choreography is honestly inspiring, the key ingredient is confidence.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon celebrating my friend’s birthday and would really recommend it.

Sunday – Upper Body and Core

I did a very gentle run to the gym to see how my hip coped and I’m not limping so far, but I was very conscientious to take shorter strides.

Chest Fly’s Cable Machine:

+ 3.5 kg each, 10 reps (5 sets) (45 seconds rest between)

Chest Fly Cable Machine 60 at 70 degrees bent over:

+5 kg each, 8 reps (3 sets) (45 seconds rest between)

Straight Arm Lat Pull Down:

+ 15 kg/ 17.5 kg  (10 reps, 3 sets)

TRX (each x3)

10 Rows

10 Presses

10 Press Up to Tuck

10 Pike to Scissor Split


+Buso Ball w/5kg crunches(10 reps, 3 sets)

+ Vipr Leg Rasies on Smith Machine (10 leg raises, 3 sets)


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