A Week in My Trainers

This week my hip injury has still been giving me trouble, so I’ve avoided high impact exercises like jumping and running in favour of strength work, spinning, and maybe a little bit of circuit training towards the end of the week.

It’s also rare I attend any fitness event in clothes that aren’t lycra based, so it was a massive treat to go to the launch of the new The North Face Store on Thursday night straight after work.  I love trainers and coconut water as much as the next, but sometimes it’s nice to celebrate something with a glass of fizz rather than a run!

Monday – Rest Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 17.09.49

Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Training (Avg HR: 119, Max HR: 166)

My trainer Sheehan set me an upper body circuit to challenge my core, arm, shoulder and back strength.

If you want to elevate your heart rate whilst building strength try adding this little circuit to your next workout:


30 Seconds Battle Rope Slams

15 Medicine Ball Slams (bring it over your head and slam down hard onto the floor)

30 Seconds TRX Plank (if you want to make it extra hard balance your hands on upright dumbbells)

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Leg Day (Avg HR: 126, Max HR: 170)

As a part of my leg session on Thursday I was introduced to German Volume Training.  This is a form of circuit where you do ten sets of ten reps, typically on a weighted exercise like a squat, deadlift or bench press.

That means 100 deadlifts.  100 DEADLIFTS.  I started on just the bar weight of 20 kg for five sets before moving up to 30 kg for the final five sets.

I recovered faster from running the marathon than I did this – I still have DOMS and daily foam rolling four days later.

However, I had lots to take my mind off my achey legs as I was lucky enough to go down to the opening of the new The North Face store on Regent Street.  We were treated to lots of canapés and fizz, an inspiring talk from mountaineering legends, a close up look of their amazing new summit series gear, as well as a mini virtual adventure with their amazing headset.  You can tell from my ridiculously geeky smile how cool it was…mainly because the guy in the video looked like one of my big celebrity crushes, Bear Grylls.  It’s weird, I know.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 17.09.29

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Spin (Avg HR: 153, Max HR: 183)

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 17.08.59

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know I’m not a natural cyclist – basically I find spinning really difficult so I only really do it when I can’t go running.  However, I have come to enjoy it more and more and discovered the secret to an enjoyable spin class – get one of your best friends on the bike next to you.

Whilst I’m no cardio machine bunny, I am a committed runner and I miss the endorphins and sweat that a good run brings on, so going for a spin really scratched that itch for me this week.

Sunday – Circuits (Avg HR: 135, Max HR: 174)

I love to make my own circuits up using exercises I’ve learned in classes or training.  I’m still trying to lay off my hip and had really bad DOMS so I did no leg based exercises, but a quick mile and a half jog to the gym and  burpee-based tabata at the end to make sure my hip is getting plenty of beneficial movement.  This was a really quick circuit I made up but it did the job – give it a go sometime if you’re pushed for time.


TRX Row x 15

TRX Push Up to Knee Tuck x 10

TRX Pike to Scissor Split x 10


Battle Ropes x 30 secs

Medicine Ball Slams x 10

Plank – Feet in TRX and hands on upright DBs x 30 secs



20 secs of Hurdle Burpees – 10 Second Rest

20 secs of renegated row burpees (4kg) – 10 Second Rest


Straight Arm Lat Pull down x 10

High Pull with Rope in Static Squat x 10

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 17.10.05


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