A Week in My Trainers

The silver lining of injury is not only hat it makes you appreciative of your body, but that it also pushes you out of your comfort zone.  It’s not that I find running easy in the slightest, but I do feel safe in it as an activity, although my legs don’t always agree.  I understand it and it makes me feel confident.  I don’t feel this way about spinning or cycling so I will convert this lack of confidence in my ability to do it into not liking it and saying I’m not good at it.  I’ve missed the sweaty and out of breath kick that I get from running so have gone spinning instead, and a few classes in I’m really enjoying it.  I find it incredibly hard work but it’s amazing to experience your own progress and increased understanding of something.

If you’re feeling a bit lacklustre about motivation and working out then trying a new class is such a great way to revive yourself, I just sometimes need to be forced into taking my own advice!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 16.44.50

Monday – Rise and Spin (Avg HR: 149, Max HR: 173)

Tuesday – Boxing at Miguel’s in Brixton (Avg HR: 133, Max HR: 171)

I love boxing as a workout – it is incredibly fatiguing but makes you feel great and like you can quite literally punch any problem you might be having in your life in the face.  An amazing stress reliever!

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Circuits (Avg HR: 148, Max HR: 171)

I set myself the following circuit to get the blood pumping before work:


15 Squat to Press (6kg Dumbbells)

10 Box Jumps (60 Box)

10 Elevated Push Ups to Rows (1 x 6kg Dumbbell)

20 Single Leg Deadlifts (10 Each Leg)


200m at Elevation 3, and then 200m at 4, 5, 6, 7 (rest in between each sprint)


20 KB Swings (16kg)

15 TRX Rows

15 Abductor Squats (30kg)

40 TRX Mountain Climbers (20 on each leg)

Friday – Rest Day

Unfortunately I was feeling unwell on Friday so had to cancel my Reshape class at 1Rebel with the 1MPACT Club to celebrate Halloween. I initially started feeling really guilty about this, as well as a little bummed out at missing out on the fun, but decided to follow my own advice and not stress about it! Instead I got a good night’s sleep and felt much better for it.

Saturday – The Bella Kinesis Boo(m) & Brunch (Avg HR: 156, Max HR: 180)

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 16.43.18

I celebrated Halloween with the lovely ladies of Bella Kinesis! They put on an amazing Halloween spin class to show off their beautiful range of gym wear – cat eats and devil horns included on the ride.

Naomi at Boom Cycle led us through one of the hardest spin classes I’ve ever done – but I felt amazing for it. I went with my super fit friend Abi and it made all the difference for when motivation to add resistance was at zero to see her hard work, and that of everyone around me, to keep pushing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 16.43.58

Boom Cycle is great for the amazing tunes, motivational instructors and flattering lighting (dark). We were treated to a recovery juice and lunch from Maple + Fitz, Coco Fudge and a bircher pot from Cuckoo.

After being whipped into shape I celebrated Halloween, channelling Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. If there’s one way to feel empowered on a night out it’s to march about in high boots with a fake samurai sword strapped to your back!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 16.43.06

Sunday – Rest Day (Hangover Day)


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