#NeverStopLondon – Mountain Athletics with The North Face

#NeverStopLondon is a very appropriate hash tag for the new training series available from The North Face.  A few weeks ago I went along to the opening of their new sore on Regents Street, to sip prosecco as I went on a virtual mountaineering expedition, as you do, and I spotted a blackboard at the back for ‘Mountain Athletics’.

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This is all about training for your higher purpose beyond appearance, and putting your fitness gains to use in the sports and lifestyle that you love – be that the more traditional sports that The North Face are associated with like snow sports, climbing, bouldering and trail running, or just carving out a strong body for life (carrying my groceries) like me.  I really enjoy functional training, and I was a barmaid my fitness proved invaluable for all the lifting of heavy cases and staying on your toes that it required.  I may be in a more sedentary job now, but I still believe that this style of training and strength works the best for me.  It makes me feel strong, empowered and like I can go out there and just generally get shit done.

Now every Tuesday, The North Face will welcome London’s outdoor community to its new flagship store at 290 Regent Street from 6:30pm to take part in these weekly training sessions, taking place. As well as receiving expert training advice, the weekly series will also feature a number of outdoor inspired workshops and day excursions enabling Londoners to explore the great outdoors.

Led by adventure fitness instructor, Jon Stratford and ultra-marathon runner, Stuart Crispin, participants will meet at the store before heading to Green Park, for a workout specifically designed to prepare them for their next extreme adventure.

Adventure Fitness instructor Jon Stratford says, “These training sessions are designed to unlock participant’s true potential and help them to achieve their outdoor adventure goals, whether that is ultra-trail running or rock climbing”.


I went along and can honestly say I had the most fun working out I’ve had in ages.  We jogged down from the store to Green Park, and, following the unfailingly enthusiastic orders from Jon, scrambled about with speed work, lifted our own bodyweight from rails, did split squat from park benches and ascending press ups from steps.  For just over an hour I participated in what felt like a grown up version of tag.  Only with more pull ups involved.

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This is the winning factor of the #NeverStopLondon series for me – I got a total workout with my heart rate going through the ceiling at times, but because Jon genuinely made the whole thing feel like a bit of an adventure, and in the lovely surroundigns of Green Park, your mind didn’t know you were doing exercise and subsequently I didn’t get any self-doubt about whether I was fatiguing or if it was too much.  I just listened to my body instead.

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If you want to join the rowdy pack of explorers then #NeverStopLondon will meet for a free session every Tuesday at 6:30pm at 290 Regent Street.  You can stay up to date with sessions and excursions on their Facebook group.


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