Mindful Chef

Last Monday I received a very exciting parcel from the friendly people at Mindful Chef.  They are a new British company who believe that what you eat is really important, but can be difficult to get right, especially with the time pressures of a busy lifestyle. Their mission is to make healthy eating easy for you.


I work in the City in London and often find myself working long hours with plenty of early starts.  This means that at any one time I am juggling my job, running, blogging, keeping up with friends as well as trying to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy myself.  This means that if I get home late I often don’t have the inspiration or energy to cook a proper meal and turn to something quick like scrambled eggs, tomato pasta, granola and yoghurt or chocolate.

I had one such evening the day my Mindful Chef box arrived, not getting home until about 8:30pm.  By 9pm I was sitting down to this….

Impressive right.

Mindful Chef send you a delivery of meat, fresh veg and store cupboard ingredients, all weighed and measured in the correct quantities so you spend less time doing the fiddly bits of cooking and more time pretending you’re doing a demo on Saturday Kitchen.  You quite literally just follow the recipe card provided and throw things in, and importantly there is no waste.

All the recipes are healthy and gluten-free, and they provide information on calories, allergens and macronutrients.  I was really impressed by all three of my creations from Mindful Chef as every single one felt like a treat, or the sort of thing you might cook on the weekend.  They’re also very good value for money, starting at £7 per meal with a minimum of two meals per week.

The Mindful Chef service is brilliant if you have good intentions but little time; want to start eating a little more healthily but don’t know where to begin beyond salad; or even just not the best cook.  I have since created one of the recipes again on my own time just because I liked it so much.  This isn’t about low calories or being on a diet, but about proper food that is nutritious and good for the planet.

If you want to get involved then here is what you need to know, including my special code to get your first box for half price:

  • It is a subscription service but you can cancel anytime or simply skip a week if it doesn’t work with your schedule that week. You need to skip it by Midnight on the Wednesday if that is the case.
  • You need to choose which meals you want by 1pm on the Thursday, and then these will be delivered on the Monday. The new menu for the week following should be up by 2pm on the Thursday.
  • The delivery is specially packed so it can be in the office for the day and stay fresh, and the box converts to a carry case so it’s easy to get home.
  • You can choose to have the meals for either one person or for two and they deliver nationwide.
  • You can get your first box 50% off if you use my special code POLLYWARRACK at checkout (this will expire on the 30th November)

Note.  Mindful Chef sent me a box to try, but I receive no payment for any of my blog posts or from this referral code – I just genuinely want you all to enjoy a super delicious speedy meal.


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