Setting a New Years Resolution

New Years Resolutions can be such a double edged sword.  You can set yourself up for something amazing purely because of the opportunity to set yourself a target and be ambitious, but on the other hand you could be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

I think they’re a good thing, but I’m definitely guilty of setting myself overly unrealistic ones.  My resolution for 2015 was to practice yoga on a regular basis.  For the sake of those who don’t know me this has most definitely not happened.  I don’t know if it’s possible to do less than no yoga, but somehow I think I have managed. I don’t feel overly guilty about this, mainly because I knew it wasn’t the most realistic of choices to go from only mastering the corpse pose to being a full blown back bending yogi, but I do think it’s a shame that I didn’t use the opportunity to reflect and make a choice properly.


This leads to my choice of resolution for 2016.  I want to stress less.  I don’t know when I turned into someone who stresses over minute details, but there’s no point in pretending it hasn’t happened.  I feel stressed a lot of the time, and I’m bored of being that way and I’m sure other people are bored of hearing about it.

I have a few ideas of how I’m going to put this into practice but I’m not going to set myself a quota of stress-busting activities I have to complete as that seems a little bit counterproductive.

If you’re struggling with choosing a New Years Resolution try to think about what can be seen as positive and nourishing to your life, rather than negative or depletive.  I think it’s important to choose something that can be measured or recognised, but try not to choose something that has a specific metric or manner of quantifying.  Taking up running is a great resolution and so is training for a race, but having your resolution as running precisely four times a week is not so great.

If anyone else wants to make their resolution about reducing stress and not being so hard on yourself, or others, then one of the things I’m starting with is a colouring book.  I’ve joined the adult colouring craze with The Menagerie colouring book.  So far I can really recommend this but would love to hear any other tips and tricks for a less stressful 2016.


Happy New Years everyone!


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