A Week in my Trainers

This was my last week officially outside of marathon training and I have to say that I am really looking forward to the structure and purpose of training with a goal in mind, for a few weeks at least anyway.  Not to mention that following a lot of indulgence throughout December, the pre-festive adjustments on my running backpack will no longer do up.

As a part of my training I’m trying to ensure that I continue strength and conditioning work in the gym as well as just logging  miles.  I did this last year and found it really effective, but I found DOMS would often get in the way of a planned run.  A further complication is that last year I had a wonderful personal trainer who was also training for a marathon who totally understood the physical and mental process that I was going through, and helped me train accordingly.  Due to the bite of reality and financial constraints I no longer train with a PT, so I thought I’d give another programme a try.  Intrigued by what I’d seen on instagram I have downloaded Em Furey‘s and We Heart Living’s Move Eat Smile 12 week programme as I thought it would be a good way to incorporate structured and progressive strength training into my running regime without overdoing it on lifting heavy weights.  I shall write a more full review in a few weeks’ time.

Monday – Move Eat Smile Workout A

This consisted of three rounds of eight exercises – spending 40 seconds on each with a 20 second rest in between.  It sounds simple but it was definitely tough – it included exercises like Press Ups, Glute Bridges, Lunges etc.

I found the workout really easy to adapt to a home setting, as I wasn’t able to get to a gym that day.  I used a chair for tricep dips and physiotherapy resistance bands for bicep curls (stand on one end and grasp the other end as far down as you can manage to make it tough).


Tuesday – Run to the Gym for M.E.S. Workout B

Back in London I was able to run the just over a mile route to my gym to warm up before jumping straight into Workout B.

I found this workout a lot tougher as it incorporated more cardiovascular and plyometric exercises such as Burpees, Long Jumps and Mountain Climbers.

Something that I really like about the Move Eat Smile programme so far is that it incorporates ‘proper’ resistance exercises such as Barbell Deadlifts.  The combination of lifting, cardio, plyo and bodyweight training makes for a really satisfying combination workout.

Wednesday – Rest Day

I was back to work today and decided I needed to maximise the amount of sleep I could get by not getting up early to workout.  However, there was the amazing suprise of a little gift from TenEdit waiting for me at work.  Ten Pilates have created this new range with and for people who love to workout.  Everything is designed beautifully and with functionality, and with only 100 pieces of each item around.  I’m a very lucky girl to be sporting a new Portobello racer back vest and pilates socks.


Thursday – The Final Run of 2015

New Year’s Eve was a beautiful clear skied winter day so I completed my final run of 2015 with a 6.4 mile run to and around Battersea Park – somewhere  I haven’t visited on a run in absolutely ages so it was wonderful to get out there and make the most of it before the year was out.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 18.07.44

Friday – Rest Day

I saw a lot of inspiring people on instagram who started 2016 as they mean to go on with a healthy day and a good workout.  However, I hope to accomplish more in 2016 than I did on the first day of it where my sole achievement was having a shower.  If you were in a similar state to me then don’t feel bad about it, and I hope you enjoyed back-t0-back The Sound of Music, Tangled and Skyfall as much as I did.

Saturday – Run to the Gym for M.E.S. Workout C

Workout C is definitely the most cardiovascular focused of the first week of Move Eat Smile.  Think back to back mountain climbers and jump squats, with a set of burpees thrown in for good measure.

All this means that I feel that the workout programme is effective, and it’s definitely easy to fit in with regards to time, meaning I don’t feel bad about taking the time to stretch properly afterwards, something I often forget or just ignore.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 18.08.14

Sunday – Rest Day (anyone else getting bored of hangovers now?)

And finally for a new year don’t forget this…

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 18.08.50


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