A Week in my Trainers – VMLM Training Week Two

A slightly late weekly training post this week as I was away at the weekend, and this kind of reflects my training as well.  I’ve been so busy at work, not to mention adapting to the cold blast, that I’ve had to change my training schedule.  I was so exhausted that I went to bed pre-10pm twice last week.  This means I tried to be sensible about what I could get done without wearing myself down too much, and whilst I want to get back on track this week I am proud of myself for actually listening to my body and not prioritising a pre-determined running schedule over everything else in my life.

This also means that I didn’t complete all four of my scheduled Move Eat Smile workouts, but I completed my two favourites and got an extra special body burning session in courtesy of Bootcamp Pilates and The Sports Edit.  Consistency may be key, but flexibility and acceptance of circumstances is so important to long term and sustainable habits.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Run to Work and Workout B from M.E.S

I had one of those runs on Tuesday morning where the moment you start you find your stride and I really enjoyed my run.


Wednesday – Workout C from M.E.S

Thursday -Morning Hill Run around Brockwell Park


Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – A quick-paced run to Chelsea for the Bootcamp Pilates MOTR Body Blitz Class and Brunch

I knew I wouldn’t be bale to get much more running in this weekend so I decided to run the 3.6 miles to the Bluebird Cafe on the Kings Road (7:35 minutes per mile pace) to take part in the MOTR Body Blitz Brunch.  Bootcamp Pilates teamed up with The Sports Edit to treat us to a bottom torchingly hard workout, brunch and fabulous goody bag.

I’ve tried reformer pilates before and always been astonished by how much it burns, and how quickly, and the new MOTR class incorporates the challenge of this with some heart-rate raising movements and the far smaller MOTR apparatus.  The MOTR is obviously far smaller than a reformer bed, and the curved shape adds an extra challenge of stability to the workout.  I’d really recommend the MOTR class, especially if you want to combine the stretch and burn elements of pilates with something that really gets your heart rate up. My poor thighs are still feeling stiff!


Sunday – Rest Day


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