A Week in my Ski Boots – VMLM Training Week Four and a trip to Kitzbühel


I want to quickly say thank you to anyone who has sponsored me so far. The Alzheimer’s Society is an amazing charity and I’m so grateful for your support as I try and tackle the London Marathon once again.  If you’d like to sponsor me then the details can be found here.


This is a very late weekly catch up because luckily for me I’ve been on holiday.  I spent the first half of week four doing what exercise I could around my work schedule and my flatmate’s birthday, and then spent the next few days tearing up the mountains in Austria (note: may not be true, I’m a decidedly average skier).   This means the first few days were all go go go, and then the next few were all go go go in a totally different way.  Is that the best thing for physical marathon training? Potentially not.  However, a good dose of balance is great for your mental attitude, which is actually a massively important part of marathon training.

People who don’t know me pre-marathon training and blog always seem to be quite surprised by the way that I eat and live, especially when it comes to letting loose with a holiday, celebratory meal, or afternoon sweet fix.  It’s true that I’m active and I do tend to eat quite well, but I also love a pizza, glass of red wine and chocolate brownie.  Most days of the week I won’t eat carbs on carbs with a beer for lunch, but if I’m away on a skiing holiday…

The reason I say all of this is because last year for my first marathon I would have the biggest freak out if I did anything that might not fit in with good marathon training, and it may have taken me a year and a marathon to understand balance means no extremes in either way but I really feel like I have got there.  If this is your first marathon year and are worried about taking time away from training to go on holiday or have a fun night out then just remember you are what you consistently do, and if you’re consistent with training then the odd bit of fun, stodge and wine won’t hurt you.  Last year if someone had told me to relax and enjoy the process of training my reaction would have been total bewilderment, but four weeks into the London Marathon 2016 I feel like I’m finally getting it.

Monday – M.E.S Workout E

Kneeling glute pulses get old pretty quickly then…

Tuesday – An Early Bird 5k before baking birthday muffins!



I used my recipe here, but added blueberries.

Wednesday – M.E.S Workout F and a Home Run

Beware of spiteful skipping ropes…



Thursday – M.E.S Workout H

I was supposed to do Workout G today but my gym didn’t have the correct equipment available so I just did a quick swap with the next workout in the set and will change H for G later in the programme.  I try to follow programmes without taking the word as law so that I break a sweat in the workout, not over it.


Friday – Monday……………

IMG_0074IMG_0080IMG_0114 (1)IMG_0100


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