Urban Movement – Witness the Fitness of London with payasUgym


One Saturday morning, 120 yoga mats, six trainers, one amazing goody bag and a lot of sweat definitely made the first Urban Movement fitness festival by payasUgym one to remember.

The fitness festival was an opportunity to stretch, bend, kick, twerk and burpee your way into the weekend in a total celebration of all things fitness. However, it was also an amazing chance to experience what the London fitness scene has to offer with payasUgym.

IMG_1896 (1)

Most people know that payasUgym provide non subscription gym access for those who can’t or don’t fancy committing to a typical gym membership, but they also offer their Unlimited pass– a membership that offers access to a whole plethora of classes across the UK, including the yoga, pilates, capoeira, boxing, twerking and HIIT that we tried out at Urban Movement.

Hosted by Bradley Simmonds, the event gave us ten minute bursts of each class to really get an idea of how the Unlimited pass can help you explore your fitness and your city.   Whilst, yoga and pilates are firm fixtures in most gym timetables, boxing is far less frequently found, and that’s without considering capoeira or tweking.  Twerking especially was a real highlight for me.  I will fully admit that there are planks of wood with more rhythm than me, but it was so much fun to let go, have fun and get a great workout in at the same time.  Our instructor for this class was the completely amazing and gifted Kelechi.


I really enjoyed shaking up my workout routine of running and cross-training with something totally different, and it was a really good eye opener to what classes are out there to try beyond the ones that are either offered in your gym or plastered all over social media.  All information about the different levels of access to gyms and classes are available on the website, but the Unlimited pass is available from as little as £49 a month – which is less than a lot of London gym memberships (that don’t even offer twerking…).

FullSizeRender (15)

It was great to meet someone like Bradley Simmonds in the flesh and experience the motivation that each trainer brought to their discipline, as well as catch up with a few lovely people from instagram, and best of all the whole event was fundraising money for Sport Relief.


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