A Week in my Trainers – VMLM Training Week Seven

This has been a peak week for me in terms of training, both for this marathon and the last, as I relaxed, felt like I understood my training, and, dare I say it, enjoyed it.  This is particularly with regards to my long run as I explain later, but in general it’s just been a great week of remembering what it is I love about getting up early or not going straight home from work in order to do all of the crazy things that I do.

A massive smile was also put on my face by the lovely Megha at Earthmiles texting £3 to help me fundraise for The Alzheimer’s Society.  Every little bit does make such a difference and I am so grateful for all donations be they pennies or pounds.  If you’d like to sponsor then please visit my JustGiving page or text POLL96 £3 to 70070.

Monday – M.E.S Workout E

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.44.36.png

Tuesday – NRC Speed Session

This is the third NRC Speed Session I’ve been to and it was definitely the most challenging, with different paces and distances being constantly mixed up.  However, it was great to see how much stronger I felt compared to the first session I did when the 3oom uphill was a massive struggle.  It still is but mentally and physically I feel far more able to take it on and conquer it.
400m @ 5k pace
200m @ mile pace
400m @ 5k pace
5 x 200m @ mile pace
500m @ 5k pace
500m @ 5k pace

3x 100m @ BEST pace
90 seconds recovery after everythingScreen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.44.20

Wednesday – Morning NikeTown Yoga and M.E.S Workout G

After a relaxing start to the day with Jessica Skye of Fat Buddha Yoga at NikeTown, not to mention helping open up my very tight hips, I managed another gym session after work.  Having the structure of the Move Eat Smile guide and the knowledge that I’ll be in and out in 30 minutes is massive helpful for deciding on my training plan away from running.

Thursday – Run to Work and a killer PT session

Last week I was working out in the gym and saw my old PT Sheehan training a client and putting her through what looked like an amazing workout.  I commented that it looked amazing and I wanted a turn and being an absolute legend he invited me down to smash out a workout.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.43.55

He really put me through my paces with a mix of sprints, circuits using resistance weight and bands and my own bodyweight before a killer boxing session to finish.  If you want to really test your strength and endurance try four slow but hard and on the money jabs followed by a plyo box squat jump… for five straight minutes without a break.  My shoulder blades are still barely functioning, but needless to say it was amazing.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Long Run (16 Miles)

I really struggle not to take my long runs too quickly, getting carried away with what initially feels like a comfortable base and challenging myself to speed things up, meaning that I often come away tired, having not really enjoyed it and sometimes with an injury.

After my brush with ‘overdoing things’ last week and my experience with the NRC long run squad I challenged myself to really pace myself and run slower but stronger. This means not getting carried away, pulling back when needed and pushing on when fatiguing and knowing I had fuel in the tank to do so.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.43.42

Wow.  I’ve never enjoyed a long run so much.  I felt so strong throughout and I knew I had it in me to keep going and keep pushing and working when I was starting to feel tired.  As silly as it sounds I feel really proud of all I mentally gave to this run and it has made me feel so confident moving forwards into the next nine weeks of training until the London Marathon.

Sunday – Rest Day


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