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London is now the city that I call home – I’ve lived here for nearly three years, run a marathon here and know how to work the different tube lines to get from A to B without checking Citymapper (most of the time), but whilst I may have made London my home, I was born and brought up in Sheffield, a city that is normally associated more with steel, The Full Monty, Arctic Monkeys and, my favourite, Henderson’s Relish than it is with boutique fitness and the wellness culture that has exploded in London over the last few years.  However, whilst the capital may be bubbling over with bootcamp, barres and baobab, there hasn’t always felt like there is the same availability for a high end fitness experience in the regions. Generally speaking if you think of cutting edge boutique fitness studios and the associated lifestyle in the UK you’d probably think of 1Rebel, Class Pass, Barry’s Bootcamp, pilates in Fulham and protein shakes in the City.  It sort of felt like to sweat with style you had to be in London.

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However, this is no longer the case.  I got really excited recently when I saw a fitness studio called TRIB3 show up on my instagram feed.  I saw protein shakes, rows of treadmills and spotlight lighting, but the geotags were nowhere near London.  They were back in Sheffield.  I emailed the owner to say how great it was that something so at the forefront of group fitness had found its way to my home town and I decided to try it on my next visit home.

TRIB3 is a highly intensive group workout (HIIT) designed around three key components: Treadmill; Resistance; Intensity. This means some intense treadmill sprints, followed by a session of hand weights and resistance to really start churning the lactic acid, before a bodyweight only floor session. And then you do it all over again. It’s seriously tough but in that exhausting, sweaty and contented feeling of having totally killed it way that a great class can bring.  It’s the sort of workout I could see myself doing again and again as I love the combination of strength and cardio.  It felt like a really nice addition to my marathon training as well – keeping me on my toes but off the pavements in a nice change.

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It turns out that the founder Kevin was one of the names behind the perennially popular 1Rebel, and TRIB3 definitely shares that particular brand of (black) magic of making you want to push yourself for fun, as evidenced by the fact that I was in a busy class at 9:15 am on a Saturday morning.  I personally feel really excited that fitness, something I am really interested in and passionate about as I truly believe that it can really empower people, is continuing to develop and expand as an industry and that means innovation across the UK and building upon trends rather than simply following them.  I think the secret behind the success of places like 1Rebel, Barry’s and now TRIB3 is the fact that it’s not so much a class but an experience that makes you feel a part of something, whether you do it with your best friend or not.  It’s that collective sense of smashing a workout and being inspired by the hard work of everyone in the room that elevates a workout from routine to a highlight.  It’s that feeling which makes workouts an addiction in the best meaning of the word.

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If anyone is based in Sheffield for university, work or simply visiting friends I’d really recommend trying out a workout, and a Choc PB smoothie, at TRIB3.  They’re currently on Ecclesall Road but expanding to Kelham Island and Manchester soon and a trial session is only £6.


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