Two Weeks in my Trainers – VMLM Training Weeks 14 and 15

This is a double up post of the last two weeks training owing to having been on holiday last weekend down in sunny Salcombe. I wanted to say a quick thank you to anyone who has sponsored me so far – I appreciate it so much and I can promise that I am working very hard to try and run my best marathon.  I have also put together a prize raffle so that not only are you donating to an amazing cause, you’re also in with a chance to win a fantastic prize and by giving a little you can get a lot. If anyone would like to sponsor me and enter i my raffle then you all have to do is visit or text POLL96 £3/£10 to 70070.

The prizes available are as follows…

  • A four-course dinner for two at the Basement Galley supper club.
    A year’s membership to Beaufort House
  • Two tickets to the private view of the Affordable Art Fair
  • Two tickets to the London Motor Show
  • A 2 week ‘Body By Lomax’ package which includes the following Lomax services:
    2x Personal Training sessions per week
    1x Cycle Blast class per week
    1x Blast class per week
    1x Supple Circuit class per week
    1x Applied Nutrition Consultation
  • A pack of 10 classes at Bootcamp Pilates (worth £210).
  • A £50 voucher for The Natural Kitchen, Barbican.
  • 2 x £30 vouchers for Supernatural Juice Bars
  • A Wahoo Fitness TICKR heart-rate monitor
  • A Tribeca Studios wristband loaded with a five class pack.
  • A week of meals from the Mindful Chef.
  • A private yoga lesson with Jiva Yoga.
  • A pair of Bowler and Beach swim shorts.
  • A Black Sheep Coffee goody bag.
  • A Lovo goody bag.
  • A set of Henri James boxers.

Onto the last two week’s training and tapering.  Tapering is a weird one – some love it and some hate it.  I personally don’t like it very much as I feel sluggish on my runs, paranoid about any injury or illness and like I’m in some horrible waiting room when I just want to get on with things. I don’t think it’s wrong to enjoy tapering at all, but I know that last year when I was bombarded with enjoy the taper messages all over social media I was confused about why I didn’t like it and felt like I must be doing something wrong.  This may be right or wrong but I know now that last year I was panicing for nothing.  So if this your first marathon then stay calm and have some faith in the training

Week 14 


I used this week as an opportunity to get in some real sprinting and strength work in ahead of a week of only running whilst in Devon.  I attended a Barry’s Bootcamp full body, a PT session with Sheehan, my NRC Tuesday speed session and a very bouncy Rebound event.  Rebounding is a really fun way to get a cardio or strength session in without hammering your joints too badly or using up loads of room.  We literally just used the Rebound mini trampolines and our bodyweight to work hard and challenge yourself in a whole new way.

When I got down to Devon at the weekend is where the run workouts really got going.  I did a speedy and sun soaked 3 mile run (7:22 pace) on the Saturday before doing the taper-length long run on the Sunday (10.6 miles at 8:02 pace).  This was a really tough hilly and windy run and I took the first half way too fast, but these experiences are all opportunities to learn and grow into a better runner ahead of the race day.

Week 15

This week in Salcombe saw a lot of beach and seaside running.

I used Tuesday to really play with speeds, taking an easy paced recovery run in the morning for  3 miles, before heading down to a secluded cliffside road to take on the NRC session with my mum to spur me on during the three minute recoveries in the evening.  I did 6 sets of 1000m alternating between 5k pace and 10k pace with the first 200m of each run at mile pace.

I also tried out barefoot beach strides for the first time – we were walking our family dog on the beach and I had on some leggings and thought it was as good a time as any to try them out.  Really fun to throw into a workout, but not great for calming down excitable puppies.

The rest of the week was a steady paced 3 mile run in Salcombe and my last long run back in London (8 miles around Brockwell Park).  This time next week…….



One thought on “Two Weeks in my Trainers – VMLM Training Weeks 14 and 15

  1. We love Salcombe!
    I am finding the taper thing tough and so far this week I have had a cold, sore back, bad tooth and fallen up the stairs.i need to wrap myself in cotton wool !

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