Welcome to Track and Truffle

So, once again, I’ve been a very bad blogger.  I’ve been absent from here since the London Marathon.  Call it laziness, call it writer’s block, call it whatever you want – but I’d just lost some enthusiasm for writing my blog.  The reason for this is because the London Marathon 2016 was one of the best days of my life, and, having run my hardest and left it all on the road, I felt like I had achieved what I wanted to achieve in 2015.  I felt I had a clearer mind, better control of my life, and I was going running because I wanted to rather than feeling like I had something to prove.  This means I no longer really identified with why I set up Running for August.  I wanted to honour the spirit of my friend, and I really feel like I have done and continue to do so by remembering August and sharing her memory. However, it felt time for me to move on from big decisive and emotional actions, and choose goals based on how my feelings and attitude have evolved in the past two years.  It felt like it was time for a new blog name.

In addition to this, without the goal of the London Marathon for the first time in two years, it felt really fake to write about my running as training when really it’s just me going about my life at the moment.  My instagram in this period of time has been more of a visual diary of who I am. However, I also felt I was missing out a large part of me, and this made me realise that if I was going to write a blog about my life and my running it was time to broaden the net and write more holistically.  This led me to my new name – Track and Truffle.

So, why track and truffle.  The answer is simple – I love running, but I also love food.  Not “I love food and I could really binge on asian salmon and avocado chocolate mousse” food, but real food.  I love good wine, blue cheese, fresh pasta, chocolate and truffle.  I like courgetti too, but it isn’t pasta, it’s grated vegetables. I don’t eat naughty and indulgent food all the time, and my diet is really quite healthy, but I feel social media has polarised food and lifestyle into those who are healthy and those who are not.  It’s possible to have a healthy lifestyle but still eat some naughty food and I think it’s easy to forget that food is a choice not a definition.  You have not lost anything or failed your identity if you’re a clean eater and you crave pizza. I totally respect anyone who wants to eat clean and has goals that require this level of dedication.  However, I don’t have those goals. My goal is to be a good runner, but a happy one too.  I am personally much happier being a few minutes slower and eating chocolate every day.



I’m looking forward to using this blog to share my favourite recipes, running routes and restaurants.  It’s not all ricotta and red wine, but nor is it all raw brownies and root vegetables.  For me it’s not clean eating with a cheat meal.  It’s delicious food all the time and if some of that is fresh, healthy and delicious then that’s great, but if some of that is rich, gluttonous and going straight to my hips then I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything.  I’m not defined by my diet. I absolutely do not advocate having an unhealthy life and body, but I don’t understand when enjoying food where the base ingredient for every meal isn’t a courgette became unhealthy.  I believe in both track and truffle.


One thought on “Welcome to Track and Truffle

  1. Hi Polly! Great name choice – I like it! And can relate to it A LOT (hence my name Treadmills and Chocolate)! It’s all about exercising and doing sport to keep fit & healthy, whilst eating a nutritious and balanced diet that feeds your body and soul; the good including the gluttonous! Good luck with it and I look forward to reading future posts. X

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