Chickeny s*** in a tray – the easiest, tastiest midweek crowd pleaser

I’m going to put my hands up and say I really regret calling this meal “chickeny shit in a tray”.  It makes something that is fundamentally very tasty, good for the body and perfect for sharing with friends sound like… well…shit. However, chickeny shit in a tray is what it is called, and it is the easiest way to serve a delicious, nutritious and speedy meal to a big group of people with no prior planning or prepping.

It came about one Wednesday when I’d agreed to cook for my friend Rick at the last minute and just didn’t feel inspired any of the normal recipes in my rosta.  I had text my flatmate Tiff to say I was going to cook if she wanted something when she got home, but it wouldn’t be anything exciting and could be a bit shit, just, you know, something like baked chicken in a tray. Chickeny shit in a tray was born.

image2 (4)


This recipe is so convenient because you can use one chopping board and one oven tray so there is minimal washing up.  It is also ideal because it feeds hungry people who don’t like “healthy” food,  made with sweet potato, chicken, feta and chorizo as well as peppers, tomatoes and rocket you feel satisfied, without feeling groggy or bloated or hungry and left wandering what’s next .  A salad is great, but nobody likes to be left with the “well that was delicious…what can I eat now” frame of mind..  Now, if you’re thinking that chorizo is not healthy or clean, then, you’re right.  It isn’t.  But, let me tell you a quick story about a boy I went on a few dates with called Boring Andy.  Now, his parents weren’t just incredibly cruel, and I’m ashamed to say the “boring” part came from me.  It’s just that Boring Andy was really just so boring.  The main source of this boredom was his diet.  Boring Andy was in really great physical shape, but that is because he worked out every day, ate no unhealthy food whatsoever (gluten, dairy, saturated fat, refined sugar, wheat) and had to have three protein shakes a day to stay in this shape – most of his conversation revolved around this so hopefully you now understand why I was mean enough to label him Boring Andy. However, even Boring Andy had his vices, and after spending one date talking about his three protein shakes a day, vegan protein of course, for approximately three hours during which time I probably drank the equivalent volume in wine, he did admit that he had a dietary weakness… an achille’s heel about which he was highly embarrassed… he was partial to a bit of chorizo from time to time… but he was working on it.   Just think about that for a moment – the biggest problem in his life was chorizo. I’ve eaten chorizo with partcular relish every since.  Don’t be Boring Andy.  Don’t think a small amount of chorizo in a meal is a problem.  Love Island finishing next week and Donald Trump running for president are problems.  Chorizo is food. And it is delicious.

Chickeny shit in a tray recipe – perfect for four hungry mouths/tupperwares

Heat an oven to 200 degrees and in an oven tray place the below ingredients and cook for about 25/30 minutes:

  • 460g chicken thigh fillets
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, chopped
  • 2 peppers – whatever colour you like, chopped
  • Half a chorizo sausage, chopped into discs
  • Sea salt, dried oregano, black pepper

From this…


to this….

image1 (2)

Once this is cooked stir through

  • 100g Feta, chopped
  • two handfuls of cherry tomatoes, chopped
  • a bag of rocket

Serve!  If you’re eating with friends then place down on the table and everyone can help themselves, otherwise shred the chicken and tupperware up.

Tasty, juicy, nutritious, filling and perfect for sharing with friends, even Boring Andy.




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