The idea for this recipe came, weirdly enough, from my boss’s holiday in Greece.  On a particularly wet Monday morning he was telling us about a delicious thick cheese dip he’d had that was soft without being melted, and I thought it sounded pretty delicious.  I had a google and found a few recipes for Tirokafteri, a spicy cheese dip.  I decided to take out the chilli from the traditional Tirokafteri, mainly because I didn’t have any in and I was desperate to make something like it that night, and decided to replace the chilli with garlic, because garlic is delicious and whoever disagrees is wrong.


I decided to pair it with courgetti, although if you want to use normal pasta then be my guest, as I thought the freshness of courgettes worked well with the combination of feta, ricotta and garlic to make something that was tasty, satisfying and comfort foody that still felt appropriate on a summer evening, if we ever get another in England this year.  This is a healthier take on creamy/cheesy pasta, but because it uses ricotta, feta and olive oil it is still filling and leaves you feeling like you’ve had a proper meal.  I topped mine with cherry tomatoes as I happened to have some in, but some fried pancetta or lardons would work too, making it a pseudo-Grecian/Blogger carbonara.

Ingredients for a portion of dip/sauce that serves four people, or can be kept in the fridge:

  • 200g feta
  • 150g ricotta
  • 100ml olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • Courgettes, I do one per person
  • Cherry tomatoes, pancetta, other toppings (optional)

In a food processor whizz together the feta, ricotta, olive oil and garlic until thick and creamy.

Spiralize your courgettes and gently heat in a large pan with a generous dollop of dip per person. By the way, when I say large pan I obviously mean wok – who on earth in their twenties owns a large deep frying pan that isn’t a wok?

Plate up, top up and serve.


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