Running for August

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11/08/1991 – 12/04/2014

For two years this website was called, and below are the reasons why…


In April 2015 I ran the London Marathon for Spinal Research.

In April 2012 my incredible friend August ran the London Marathon for this charity, and in April 2014 August was tragically involved in a fatal accident.  That such a fantastic and kind person can be so cruelly taken at such a young age is horrific beyond words, and when trying to make some sense from it in my mind I decided I wanted to do something for her.

I don’t need help remembering August, but I do need help being more like her.  She was brave, selfless, talented and with no apparent limit to how much she could give to a person or situation.  I decided to honour her spirit by running the marathon she ran, and for the charity for whom she raised so much.

Running for August grew out of the idea of keeping a running diary, and as a big fan of instagram I initially shared my training via instagram.  Not much later I started this blog as a way of sharing my training plans, my thoughts and feelings about marathon training, the music I listen to, the healthy food I like to eat, and reviews of all of the places that make up my Healthy London.

I wanted to honour the spirit of my friend, raise money for charity, and hopefully start to feel a little better about what happened to August.  A year later I ran the London Marathon in 3 hours and 42 minutes and had raised nearly £2,800 for Spinal Research – smashing my targets of 4 hours and £1,800!

I felt stronger and far more confident as a result of the highs, lows, and steady mediums of training.  I thought running the London Marathon would honour the spirit of my friend by making an impact, but by becoming somebody who can withstand an impact I really feel like I’ve truly done her proud.  If there’s one thing I want everybody to take from August and what I have written here it is to be brave and seize the day.

I think of you everyday August


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